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Hutchison Campaign Site Contains Hidden Phrase 'Rick Perry Gay'

A web site for the gubernatorial campaign of Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX) included hidden phrases including "rick perry gay," a reporter from the Austin American-Statesman discovered today.

Hutchison officials said they used a tool that automatically generated keywords based on popular search terms. Such a tool could drive more web traffic to the site,

"We did not know these offensive word associations were being searched for by hundreds of thousands of Texans everyday nor do we condone the computer-generated existence on our Web site," Hutchison spokesman Jeff Sadosky told the Austin American-Statesman. He said the offending phrase will be removed.

Hutchison announced this week she will leave the Senate this fall in order to campaign against Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX). Rumors about Perry's sexuality have been circulated for years.


KBH is having the Best Week Ever! How can this race be this funny when it's only 2009? Could there be a new contender for the Best Pointless Political Feud (possibly even beating out Huckabee vs Romney or Barr vs RON PAUL)? I love the backhanded burn in their statement. "I'm sorry everyone thinks he's gay :("
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