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Iran Update July 31-August 02, 2009

I'm sorry for this being late. Lots of problems popped up.

By now I'm sure you know that Mousavi tried to make it to Neda's funeral grounds but was deterred by Basij and Police. His wife made it there but I'm not sure a speech was made. Neda's mother couldn't come either. Sohrab's mother did though. Tanreh's (sp?) parents have kept mum. I don't expect them to speak out about the rape and murder of their only child, it's too 'shameful'.

Strange though, Nico is still silent on Huffington Post... Is it the move?

Reza Aslan on Rachel Maddow's show about the 40 day anniversary.

I'm going to update the green briefs tomorrow. I'm still at my brother's and computer use is less than my own.

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Life Goes on in Tehran (a monthly photoblog)

Important Links

Iranian Justice

Iran Tube <- Vid hosting for Iran vids

Tehran Bureau: Ayatollah Watch <- List of the Ayatollahs and which side they are on

Anonymous Intelligence Collective <- Iran information collective Iran Mapping Project

Iran Human Rights Documentation Center <- Documenting the Human Rights Violations conducted by the Iranian Government (English and Farsi)

Paul Coelho blog <- Interview with the doctor that tried to save Neda's life.

Heritage Org
All a Twitter: How Social Networking Shaped Iran's Election Protests (July 20, 2009 - James Jay Carafano, Ph.D.)

More pictures of the Friday Prayers Protest
Vid of Friday Sermon Tehran Riots
Wikinews on Rafsanjani's speech

Juan Cole <- Guy who interviewed Nico | Rafsanjani's steps to resolve Iran's crisis | Friday's Sermon Fateful for Iran

Khandaniha <- Iranian site that has video of Friday's Sermon in 7 parts

What Bernard Kouchner REALLY said about Iran

More pictures of the Friday Prayers Protest
Tehran Bureau: Vid of Friday Sermon Tehran Riots
Iran.whyweprotest: Vid of Friday Sermon Protests
Wikinews on Rafsanjani's speech
HipHop show in Berlin, in solidarity with the protest movement in Iran
Amnesty International USA: Iranian Petition

Juan Cole <- Guy who interviewed Nico | Rafsanjani's steps to resolve Iran's crisis | Friday's Sermon Fateful for Iran

Khandaniha <- Iranian site that has video of Friday's Sermon in 7 parts

Dynamic Internet Technology <- "Attack the Cyberwalls!: The Internet Is the Pathway to Democracy in Places Like Iran"

Index of 500+ vids of Iranian protests

Rooz online - Eng

Iran protest flickr page

Youtube: peivel17 <- Green Wave channel

Global Day of Action in Stockholm Sweden, pics and vid | Sohrab's mother speaks to Tehran's city council

Youtube user: We Are Neda


Revolution in Iran | Feel Good page <- music vid page

Robin Wright

A letter from an Iranian named Fayah idiomagic
"I love life. I love to laugh and be with my friends. There are so many books I want to read, movies I want to see, people I want to meet. I want to marry, to be a good wife and mother. I want to grow old with the people I love, to feel the sun on my face, to see the ocean, to travel.

My country is in a terrible state. People have no jobs. There is no money. People have no freedom. Women must hide themselves from the world, and we have no choices.

Our people--we are not terrorists. We hate terrorists. And that is what our government has become. They kill our people for no reason. They torture us in their prisons because we want freedom. They make our country look evil, they make our religion look evil.

We are fighting for our freedom, for our religion, for our country. If we do nothing while injustice abounds, we become unjust. We turn into the ones we hate.

I have to fight. I have to go back on the streets. I will make them kill me. I will join Neda, with my friends, and then maybe the world will hear us.

I never thought I would become a martyr, but it is needed. The more of us they kill, the smaller they become, the more strength the people will have. Maybe my death will mean nothing, but maybe it will buy my country freedom.

I am very sad that I will never be a mother, that I will never do the things I love, but I would rather die than do nothing and know that I am to blame for the tortures, the murder, the hatred.

Please tell the world how much we love life. That we are not terrorists. We just want to be free."

Keeping the Change | Flash Mobs: A New Twist on Solidarity With Iran by Maryam

Nite Owl's live translations of the Sermon

Pedestrian | July 17, 2009 Friday Sermon | Pictures & Stories | "I was there" | July 18, 2009 Now it is our turn | Unverified Reports <- Qom wants Khamenei to side with protesters

Tehran Bureau: Friday Prayers Update (July 17, 2009)

Peace With Iran <- Blog

Iranian Leftists Report of a female protester 'possibly' gang raped and murdered

Demotix <- The mighty photojournalism site Iran election page pictures of demostrations outside Iranian embassy in London

Mightier Than

ABC reporter jim sciutto's twitblog

LA Times – Babylon & Beyond First images to emerge of July 9, 2009 protests large crowd gets dispersed by teargass on July 9, 2009 protests | July 17, 2009 -> Iran: Human Rights Lawyer Shadi Sadr Arrested | Iran: In Video, anger boils over at Friday Sermon | IRAN: Full text of Rafsanjani's lengthy speech | July 18, 2009 - IRAN: U.S. addresses Tehran unrest in daily briefing | July 19, 2009 Egypt: Cleric backed by Iran charged in Egypt | IRAN: Iranian cleric sees a long-planned conspiracy in protests

iran.whyweprotest.net 18 Tir / 9 July forum thread <- lots of vids and first hand account by a protester in Iran

goftaniha.org Ex-Basij Founder's Blog being used to ID Basij – in Farsi

Ayatollah Watch <- Information on Ayatollahs

Ahmedi's takeover has been planned since 2004

Out the Basij

ID the Basiji

twit blog about how another Ayatollah has gone against the regime

Lara Setrakian - ABC News reporter's blog TEHRAN UNREST: "IT WAS NOTHING LESS THAN WAR. PRAY FOR US."

National Iranian American Council's Blog July 9, 2009 protest coverage <- vids and pics

NY Times – The Lede Blog July 9, 2009 protest coverage | Young election protester buried in Tehran <- a new Martyr

PERSIA.ORG "Struggle for a Free Iran" <- Has dedicated their front page to information on those who have been killed and detained
Iran Negah "Ezclusive views into Iranian politics & society"

University of Texas - Austin "Power of Protest: University experts condemn violence, but urge diplomacy toward Iran"

Keeping the Change | Keeping the Change FB | Nooroz News: Tehran's Morgues Reportedly Holds the Bodies of Hundreds of Dead Protesters

Ndn.org: July 15: Twitter Iran and more impressions from the front lines of the global media revolution

Mohsen Sazegara | explaining what to do and how to do the protests
1- where to go
2- how to do it
3- things to bring
4- what to do at nights
5- slogens to write
6- which marker to write with (green neon marker in this case)


Retweeters to watch
@LaraABCNews <- Reporter out of Dubai who's been in contact with Iranians
@Pray4FreeIran <- retweeter who spreads messages about Iran
@AustinHeap <- The genius behind ProxyHeap and Haystack (says that Node 1 is a go?)
@StopAdmedi <- twitter account for Mousavi supporters
@nicopitney <- I didn't know he had a twitter account
@Iran_Translator <- NiteOwl
@bistoon <- IRGC already actively hunt him b/c of student revolt in 1999 so I can rec him
@IranAnon <- Yes it is the Iranian Anonymous crowd
@niacouncil <- National Iranian-American Council
@iranhrdc <- Iran Human Rights Documenting Center
@EANewsFeed <- Enduring America news feed

Useful Resources

News: NIAC Insight | Kodoom
Translations: Google Translate | TehranBroadcast.com | Translate4Iran
Helping Iranians use the web: Haystack | Tor Project (English & Farsi) | IranHelp.org (Farsi) Demonstrations: Facebook | sharearchy | WhyWeProtest
Activism: Avaaz.org | National Iranian American Council

Mousavi's main website | Mousavi's backup/English | Mousavi's FB

Haystack's how you can help digg page
Haystack <- The all powerful proxy (still in testing) Want to help? Don't know anything techwise? Then donate some cash and keep this revolution going, you may just save someone(s) life! Haystack is needing donations! Donate Here.
Haystack Network wesbite | Haystack Twitter page | Haystack needs help! |Twitter | FB

Protest Advice
Brainstorm Ideas | Downloading/Uploading Vid programs
Torrent/dl list of videos showing police brutality in Iran
Blog that has links to LA Protest that 35-50,000 people turn out
the pictures

Want to know how the power check system in Iran works? The Wall Street Journal has an excellent graph.
Bearing Witness In Iran Weighs Heavily On Cohen: Roger Cohen on NPR
Voice of the Voiceless
YekIran <- Worldwide Protest Map
Wiki on 18th Tir Protests 1999
Wiki of Iranian Election Protests
Reporters Without Borders <- List of how many reporters are in prison in Iran

Sea of Green Radio <-an 'anon' Iran blog twitter radionomy anonymous Sea of Green radio
Eng Trans of Mousavi FB that has protest instructions and routes
mowjcamp <- Mousavi/Opposition website in Farsi

Nedanet Resource Page | hacktivists software tools
Downforeveryoneorjustme <- check websites to see if it's down | service uptime <- free remote website uptime monitoring designed to help you detect website downtime
Wiki: DNS Cache Poisoning
Paryvan wiki
VANISH: Self-Destructing Digital Data burned messages for spies the digital way
Steganography Solution
EFF.org Surveillance Self-Defense International <- 6 Ideas For Those Needing Defensive Technology to Protect Free Speech from Authoritarian Regimes and 4 Ways the Rest of Us Can Help

Mightier Than Iran: The Rooftop Project <- Site trying to find vids of the roof top shoutings for every single night since the protests began.
Iran News <- One Stop Source
for News/YouTube/Blog/Political Cartoon links about Iran's Election and the aftermath (massive library of information)
The Guardian's list of dead and detained
Voice of America News
Iran 360 <- Photojournalism site
Slate's stash of Iran political cartoons
Green cd hour long video from Iran <- Split up into nine parts on iran.whyweprotest.net

Where is My Vote.org <- List or/way of organizing world wide protests
Iran Human Rights
Human Rights Activists In Iran The Latest Update on the Detainees of July 9 and a List of 90 Confirmed in Prison
fivethirtyeight.com: Iran <- Nate Silver "the guru of statistics" input on the validity of the Iranian election outcome
Google News: Iran Election – 30, 700 articles in the past month

Austin for Iran <- Site for organizing protests in Austin Texas
Map of Tehran
Petition for the release of American-Iranian Kian Tajbakhsh

OnlyMehdi Youtube page <- Lots of vids on Iran
United 4 Iran <- Protest page | @united4iran
iran.whyweprotest best articles and links

Iran Solidarity.org.uk
Amnesty International
Reporters Uncensored | Reporters Uncensored Livestream

Share that vid <- Another vid site
Live Leak <- Another vid site
Massive Video Archive of Iran Protest Footage
USA SWAT Expert Advice - It might save their lives <- on Iran.whyweprotest forum
vid on How to use police tactics against a baton | more vids on youtube <- For Iranian's in self-defense
Vids of Ahmedinejad speech on July 16, 2009 in Mashaad


Live Blogs on Iran

The Guardian: July 17, 2009 - Iran Crisis Friday Prayers

Revolutionary Road... <- Live from Tehran UPDATES | Revolution Road FB | Twitter <- Has lots of twitpics of the Friday Sermon Protest | List of Killed, Arrested and Released as of July 22, 2009 <- There is an interactive slide that has pictures of some of the dead.

Andrew Sullivan's blog <- Political blog but he has a lot of coverage on iran. Andrew Sullivan's blog "Iran Erupts Again" Counter Targeting the Protesters Abbas Kiarostami's "10" <- Andrew Sullivan has a feature of exhibiting artists and music | Outing Iran: Marg bar <- The real meaning of Marg bar

Enduring America blog | Latest from Iran: July 18 A Victory Followed By....? | Latest from Iran: July 19 Breathing Space

Nico's Pitney's live blog on HuffPo <- The most excellent live blog out there. Has an absolute ton of information dating back the very first day. Filled with pictures and vids.

Week of July 27, 2009

Week of July 20, 2009 | Week of July 13, 2009 | July 10, 2009 | July 9, 2009 | July 8th | July 7th | July 6th | July 5th | July 3rd | July 2nd | July 1st | June 30th | June 29th | June 28th | June 27th | June 26th | June 25th | June 24th | June 22nd | June 21st | June 20th pt 2 | June 20th pt 1 | June 19th | June 18th | June 17th | June 16th | June 15th

NiteOwl's Green Briefs

NiteOwl's Green Briefs are compilations of news reports straight from Iranians.
Nite Owl's live translations of the Sermon |
Who is Who | Green Brief Pronouciation Guide

#48 (August 3-4, 2009 - Mordad 12-13, 1388) | #47 (August 2-3, 2009 - Mordad 11-12, 1388) | #46 (August 1, 2009 - Mordad 10, 1388) | #45 (July 31, 2009) | #44 (July 30, 2009) | #43 (July 29) | #42 (July 28, 2009) | #40-41 (July 26-27) | #39 (July 25) | #38 (July 24) | #37 (July 23) | #38 (July 24) | #39 (July 25)

Green Brief #36 (July 22) | Green Brief #35 (July 21) | Green Brief #34 (July 20) | #33 (July 19) | #30 (July 16) | #29 (July 15) | #28 (July 14) | #27 (July 13) | #26 (July 12) | #25 (July 11) | #24 (July 10) | #23 (July 9) | #22 (July 8) | #21 (July 7) | #20 (July 6) | #18-#19 (July 4-5) | #17 (July 3) | #16 (July 2) | #15 (July 1) | #14 (June 30) | #13 (June29) | #12 (June 28) | #11 (June 27) | #10 (June 26th) | #9 (June 25) | #8 (June 24) | #7 (June 23) | #6 (June 22) | #5 (June 21) | #4 (June 20 | #3 (June 19) | #2 (June 18) | #1 (June 17)

Newspaper Articles

A Brief Euphoria in Tehran: 'We Can Win This' (July 31, 2009)
Crackdown Helps Sustain Iran's Protest Movement (July 30, 2009 - Andrew Lee Butters)
Tehran Dispatch: A Crackdown to Forbid Mourning (July 30, 2009)
U.S. Spurned Iran Offers to Turn Over bin Laden's Son (July 30, 2009 - Bobby Ghosh)
Russia Moves to Boost its Role in Central Asia">Russia Moves to Boost its Role in Central Asia (August 01, 2009 - Ishaan Tharoor)

Iran state TV confirms arrest of 3 Americans (August 1, 2009)

Los Angeles Times
Iran puts 100 reformists, moderate politicians on trial (August 2, 2009 - Borzou Daragahi)
Three American tourists held in Iran (August 2, 2009 - Liz Sly)
Myanmar delays Aung San Suu Kyi verdict (August 1, 2009 - Mark Magnier and Charles McDermid)
Bombs near Shiite Mosques kill 29 In Baghdad (August 1, 2009 - Liz Sly and Caesar Ahmed)
Iranians defy authorities to mourn those slain in the unrest (July 31, 2009 - Borzou Daragahi and Ramin Mostaghim)
Babylon & Beyond blog: Iran: Conservative Media Accused of Playing Loose With the Truth (August 1, 2009)
Babylon & Beyond blog: Iran: Footage Emerges from Demonstrations Across the Country (July 31, 2009)
Babylon & Beyond blog: Iran: Videos Emerge of Today's Protests (July 30, 2009)
Babylon & Beyond blog: Iran: Crowd of Thousands Overwhelms Security Forces (July 30, 2009)
Babylon & Beyond blog: Iran: T Fresh video shows mourners gathered near Neda's gravesite (July 30, 2009)

The Daily Beast
The Taliban PR Push (July 30, 2009 - Reza Aslan)
The Iran porn video (January 9, 2009 - Telmah Parsa)
his blog (author is an Iranian University Student, I've posted his other works as well...he's been silent since June 22nd)

Huffington Post
Americans Missing In Iran: Iran State TV Confirms Arrest Of 3 Americans (July 31, 2009)
Ahmadinejad: No Rift With Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (July 31, 2009 - NASSER KARIMI and LEE KEATH)
Happy Inauguration Day, Dr. Ahmadinejad: Don't Count on Success (July 31, 2009 - Jamsheed K. Choksy)
Iranian Police Beat Protesters At Neda Graveside Memorial (VIDEO) (July 30, 2009 - NASSER KARIMI)
Iran begins first trial of post-election crisis (August 01, 2009 - )
Iran at the Crossroads of History: Will This Regime Fall Like the Shah's? (July 31, 2009 - Abolhassan Bani-Sadr)

The Revolution Which At First, Was Not (July 29, 2009 - Steven Goldstein)

Riot Police Crack Down on Mourners in Iran (July 30, 2009 with Borzou Daragahi pt1 of 2)
In Iran, New Burst of Demonstrations Escalate Political Tensions (July 30, 2009 with Borzou Daragahi pt2 of 2)

The Guardian
Opposition leaders condemn Iranian 'show trials' (August 02, 2009 - Ian Black)
US hikers arrested at Iran border (August 02, 2009 - Daniel Nasaw)
The Americans range in age from 27 to 36, and two are studying Arabic in Damascus. US news reports identified the hikers as Shane Bower, Sara Short and Joshua Fattal. A fourth member of their travelling party, who did not join the hike and was not detained, was debriefed by US embassy officials in Iraq.A Kurdish security spokesman in Sulaymaniyah, in north-eastern Iraq, told CNN that police warned the hikers on Friday to mind the nearby border.

Khatami: Iran's 'show trial' violates constitution (August 02, 2009 - Mark Tran)
Mass trial for Iran protest leaders (August 02, 2009 - Jason Burke and Saeed Kamali Dehghan)
Iran begins trials of opposition activists after election protests (August 01, 2009)
Truth and reconciliation for Iran (July 31, 2009 - Open Letter) <- a must read
Ahmadinejad denies rift with Iran's supreme leader (July 31, 2009 - AP)
An American in Iran:When I was accused of being a western spy, Kian Tajbakhsh befriended me. Now he's been jailed in Iran for the same offence (July 31, 2009 - Ibrahim Al-Marashi)
Pictures of the protests on July 30, 2009
Iranian protesters clash with security forces during Neda Soltan memorial (July 30, 2009 - Saeed Kamali Dehghan in Tehran and Ian Black)
Iraqi forces do Iran's bidding (July 30, 2009 - Robin Corbett)
Were photographers' confessions coerced? (July 30, 2009 - Roy Greenslade</a>
Iran protests to honour the dead (July 30, 2009 - live blog)
Iran election protests: the dead, jailed and missing
the list
Iran's official figures for the six weeks since the election include 2,500 arrests in Tehran alone, with as many as 150 still in jail and 30 dead. The true figures are believed to be much higher – the death toll could be in the hundreds.Our figures come from human rights groups and campaigners inside and outside Iran, news reports and our users. They are: 80 dead, around 750 still detained, just under 100 released and 10 missing or not heard of since the mid-June protests.
The father of one of the detained, Mohammadreza Jalaeipour, 27, an Oxford PhD student and Mousavi's social media strategist (in this interview with the Wall Street Journal, he says he developed many ideas while obsessively following the Obama campaign), compared the jails to Abu Ghraib. One, however, has been closed: Kahrizak, on the southern edge of Tehran, which Iran's supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said "lacked the standards" to hold prisoners. It is thought that many of those arrested on the 9 July protests were held there.

Tehran Bureau
MP: Trials insult to political establishment (August 02, 2009)
Badamchian: Absence of Rafsanjani, Khatami from inauguration unimportant (August 02, 2009)
Mohajerani: Confessions third act in a play (August 02, 2009)
Ansar(-e hezbollah) May Want Vote Back (July 29, 2009)
Remembering Neda (July 30, 2009) <- Neda's boyfriend speaks about her
I am Neda (July 30, 2009 - Sholeh Wolpé <- A poem
Updates on 8 Mordad/July 30, 2009 (July 30, 2009) <- people in Iran speak about what happened
Forty Days Ago We Died (July 31, 2009 - Setareh Sabety) <- a poem
Mahmoud’s friends, enemies and the iditots in between (July 31, 2009 - Hana H)
Martyred and Murdered (July 30, 2009) <- list of the dead
‘Abtahi given pills to forget the world’ (August 02, 2009)
Supreme Leader’s brother: Mousavi revived revolutionary ideals (August 02, 2009) <- in support of Mousavi
“Level Minus Four” Detention Center (July 30, 2009)
Showdown between Khamenei and IRGC? (July 28, 2009)
Reformists call for elimination of ‘Coup Government’ (July 30, 2009)
An International Day of Action (July 26, 2009 - LEILA DARABI)
Principlist MP: Kissing Leader’s hand is not allegiance (July 28, 2009)

New York Times
The Making of an Iran Policy (July 30, 2009? - Roger Cohen)
Iran Puts Opponents on Trial; Critics Are Vocal (August 02, 2009 - ROBERT F. WORTH and NAZILA FATHI)
U.S. to Push Peace in Middle East Media Campaign (August 02, 2009 - Mark Landler)
U.S. Weighs Iran Sanctions if Talks Are Rejected (August 02, 2009 - DAVID E. SANGER)
The Lede blog: Four years ago in Tehran, a more united regime (August 03, 2009)
The Lede blog: Latest Iran protests reverberate online (July 31, 2009)
The Lede blog: Updates on new post-election protests in Iran (July 30, 2009)

Ahmadinejad poised for new term (August 03, 2009 - )
Analysis: The power struggle in Iran (July 29, 2009 - Roger Hardy)
Iran witnesses: Neda memorial (July 31, 2009)
Torture claim against Iran trial (August 02, 2009)
The rise of Iran's citizen journalists (July 30, 2009 - Dave Lee)
U.S. to Push Peace in Middle East Media Campaign (August 02, 2009 - Mark Landler)


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