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OMG! You Guyz, Obama is a Secret Australian and his name is actually David Jeffrey Bomford!!!

Kenyan Birth Certificate: PWNED!

After having spent (wasted?) nearly a year in the trenches of Birthistan, I decided several months ago to "retire" and move on, save for dropping by here once in a while to keep in touch with some of the friends I'd made here.

And then yesterday this Kenyan birth certificate thing seemed to explode like Krakatoa on the Internet.

It was claims about Obama's Hawaiian certificate being a forgery that suckered me into all this stuff last summer, and I guess I must still be a sucker for a good birth certificate story because I decided to look into this one.

I wanted to see if I could find any images of similar documents from Kenya around the same time period that could be compared to the certificate on the web. I spent several hours with Google image search on that before I decided to broaden my search outside of Kenya-specific documents.

It was some time later that I finally spotted a thumbnail on one of the results pages that looked very much like the Kenyan certificate. I pulled up the full size image and found that it was virtually EXACTLY the same type of document.

It was a scanned image of a "Certified Copy of Registration of Birth" dated in 1964 for a David Jeffrey Bomford on a genealogy website for the Bomford family. Except that David Jeffrey Bomford wasn't born in Kenya, he was born in South Australia. But what was even more interesting was certain other features of the document as compared to the Kenya certificate.

The names of the registrar and the district registrar were the SAME NAMES as given in the Kenya certificate save for the first initials, i.e. G.H. Lavender and J.H. Miller in the Bomford document versus E.H. Lavender and M.H. Miller in the Kenya document.

Also, the book number (44B) and page number (5733) were the exactly the same on both documents.

The image of the Bomford certificate seems to prove beyond any doubt that not only is the Kenya certificate a fake, but that whomever faked it used the Bomford certificate as the template.

Here's a scaled down image of the Bomford certificate:

And here's the URL for the original image that I found on the Bomford website:

http://www.bomford.net/worcestershire/i ... tDoc65.jpg

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