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1:00 pm - 08/06/2009

DART: Controversial Bus Ads Pulled

Officials Say Signs Never Approved In First Place


Atheist advertising signs on Des Moines Area Regional Transit buses that created a storm of controversy when they first went up on Aug. 1 have been taken down.

Officials with DART said the signs were not supposed to be on the buses in the first place.

Rest of the article. If you're linkphobic, suck it up.

I'm part of IAF. I saw one of the news segments (Ch. 13/NBC, not Ch. 8/CBS). The woman was told DART accepted church ads, why not these. She couldn't answer.

You'd think, with DART being in hot water (with one hitting a pedestrian recently, and some of their drivers having...less than stellar backgrounds) they wouldn't want to open this can of worms.
mylaptopisevil 8th-Aug-2009 07:52 pm (UTC)
The fun part comes into play that said Jesus-ad can argue that it is accurate insofar that only way to avoid a Christian-based interpretation of hell is to do just that. Meanwhile, it would be pretty ineffective against the damnation another religion can claim for those who don't believe in that said religion.
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