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Krugman: Health care obstructionists as concern trolls

A concern troll is someone who says they are simply "concerned" about some proposal or policy. So you take the concerns in good faith, address them & clarify the misunderstandings. Turns out, that doesn't help. They hate the policy anyway.

August 12, 2009, 11:28 am

Concern trolls
by Paul Krugman

A brief thought, linking two people: Robert Samuelson and Greg Mankiw.

Both enjoy lecturing us on the need to take strong action — Samuelson demanding that we do something about rising health care spending, Mankiw that we join the “Pigou club” by taxing oil consumption.

But both can reliably be counted on to reject any actual proposal along these lines that either (a) has any chance whatsoever of becoming legislation or (b) is proposed by Democrats.

Just saying.
Tags: health care, new york times, paul krugman
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