Not a terrorist (thebigbadbutch) wrote in ontd_political,
Not a terrorist

And now it's time for a mod post from your least friendly neighborhood moderator

There are some new rules up in this bitch

The ONTD_P Mod Squad is sick of all the trolls, the socks, and the general asshattery. As of today we are moderating membership to this community and only allowing members to comment. That means anyone that is watching this community but not a member needs to join if they want to participate.

The rule for joining is simple. If you look like a troll or a sock you will not be approved. For the people that don't understand what that means I will break it down for you.

- If your journal was made in the past week or so, we're probably not going to let you in. We don't care if you switched journals or were a member before. We don't give a shit.

- If you have no friends, no other communities, no interests, and nothing in your profile you look like a sock and you're not getting in.

- 0 posts. 0 comments posted. 0 comments received. Congrats! You're a typical sock and you're not getting in.

- If you have a history of trolling you're not getting in.

- If you've ever been banned from this community you're not getting in and you can suck my dick.

"So why was I rejected?! WAHHHHH" First of all, don't email me. Don't email ONTD. Don't send a private message to me or any of the other mods. Read what I just said and try to figure out the next step before attempting to join again. If you're an obvious troll save yourself some time and just go fuck yourself instead.
Tags: !mod post

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