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Iran Update August 17-18

I was going to wait a while to do this post but somethings have come up and I felt I should do one now.

First of all, things are moving very quickly in the government of Iran. Rafsanjani is in a tight spot politically. Ahmadi is wanting to go against corruption for the people and one of his targets is Rafsanjani. An Assembly of clerics is coming up and people are watching it to see what will happen next.

Second, if you can recall a couple of weeks ago I posted an e-mail in which a young Iranian woman spoke about her decision to protest and that she expected to be martyred. Her friend idiomagic had not heard of her since. Today she found out why.

The original letter:
"I love life. I love to laugh and be with my friends. There are so many books I want to read, movies I want to see, people I want to meet. I want to marry, to be a good wife and mother. I want to grow old with the people I love, to feel the sun on my face, to see the ocean, to travel.

My country is in a terrible state. People have no jobs. There is no money. People have no freedom. Women must hide themselves from the world, and we have no choices.

Our people--we are not terrorists. We hate terrorists. And that is what our government has become. They kill our people for no reason. They torture us in their prisons because we want freedom. They make our country look evil, they make our religion look evil.

We are fighting for our freedom, for our religion, for our country. If we do nothing while injustice abounds, we become unjust. We turn into the ones we hate.

I have to fight. I have to go back on the streets. I will make them kill me. I will join Neda, with my friends, and then maybe the world will hear us.

I never thought I would become a martyr, but it is needed. The more of us they kill, the smaller they become, the more strength the people will have. Maybe my death will mean nothing, but maybe it will buy my country freedom.

I am very sad that I will never be a mother, that I will never do the things I love, but I would rather die than do nothing and know that I am to blame for the tortures, the murder, the hatred.

The news:
Fayah Azadi June 23, 1986-August 2, 2009

I heartily wish I didn't have to report this. I just found out that Fayah was one of the women who led the protests on July 30th at Neda Agha Soltan's gravesite.

She was beaten severely by several Basij militiamen with batons, and struck repeatedly on the head.

Her friends carried her away from the cemetary to a friend's house. She died on August 2nd, having never regained consciousness.

Fayah Azadi was 23 years old, a student at Tehran University, studying art. She was a talented painter, and a staunch supporter of democracy and women's rights

Unlike Neda, it seems there will not be an image to go with the young woman's story because as her friend says, "It was her sister who finally let me know what happened. She says the family doesn't want any further contact with anyone from the west. They believe that somehow her international contacts led to her death. Maybe that if we hadn't "encouraged" her, she would still be alive."

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Wall Street Journal
Engaging Iran on Human Rights (August 16, 2009 - OpEd - ALEXANDER BENARD)

New York Times
Clerics’ Call for Removal Challenges Iran Leader (August 16, 2009 - ROBERT F. WORTH and NAZILA FATHI) <- a must read; highly important move on clerics part
Iran Police Clash With Protesters Over Daily's Closure (August 17, 2009 - Reuters)
Iran Expands Trial of Opposition Supporters (August 16, 2009 - AP)
Father: Frenchwoman Should Leave Iran Within Weeks (August 17, 2009 - AP)
Can Game Theory Predict When Iran Will Get the Bomb? (August 12, 2009 - Clive Thompson) <- 6 parts; extremely important

Los Angeles Times
Q & A with Iran diplomat on the postelection unrest (August 18, 2009 - Borzou Daragahi)
Testing for genetic mutations within ethnic groups (August 17, 2009 - Shari Roan) <- Persian Jews; informative read
Babylon & Beyond blog: IRAN: Ahmadinejad and Rafsanjani's close encounter (August 17, 2009)

The Guardian
Hardline women won't help Iran (August 17, 2009 - OpEd - Massoumeh Torfeh)
He has proposed Fatemeh Ajorlou for the welfare and social security ministry and Marzieh Vahid Dastjerdi for the health ministry. Both women, as members of Iran's majlis or parliament, have been advocating draconian changes to family laws and women's rights laws making it even more difficult for women to benefit from equal rights, get divorced, have custody of their children, or have an abortion if they so choose. They are both strong supporters of the role of women as pious mothers devoted to Islam, to their duties to their husbands, and to the Islamic republic.

Ajorlou, who is an MP in the present parliament, is a notorious advocate of punishment of women who ignore the dress code. She is an outspoken supporter of the chador – the head-to-toe black Islamic cover – as the protector of women's chastity and modesty.

Her professional career has been in serving the Revolutionary Guards and Basij militia. She worked as a nurse in the Revolutionary Guards and later was influential in setting up the Basij Sisters militia, which has been involved in brutal attacks and arrests of women's rights activists. More recently she advocated the controversial draft law for positive discrimination for men in attending universities. That had become necessary, according to Ajorlou, because girls had won 70% of university places, thereby causing an "imbalance" in society. More generally she believes that western societies have lost their morality because women have given priority to their jobs rather than their families.

Vahid-Dastjerdi, who was an MP in two previous parliaments, is perhaps, professionally, a suitable candidate for the ministry of health as she has spent most of her career in medical practice and research specialising in women's infertility. However, she is another clear hardliner. During her days as an MP, Vahid-Dastjerdi opposed the bill that could have facilitated Iran joining the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women.

The most intriguing question is why Ahmadinejad has chosen to propose women in his cabinet when he knows full well that the Islamic establishment does not allow women to be "leaders". While women can work as deputy ministers or as advisers to ministers, there is a serious debate between the reformists and conservatives on whether women can be "allowed" to lead an entire ministry.

Perhaps Ahmadinejad is hoping that he would be a winner whatever the outcome. If the parliament or the Islamic establishment does not approve his choice of women ministers, he could still claim he had tried to raise the status of women. If they do accept his nominations, then he could champion the cause of womenwhile still having two hardliners in his cabinet.

Ahmadinejad, who has recently witnessed thousands of women marching against his presidency in the streets of Tehran and other major cities, may be wishing to appease women by his cabinet selection. He tried once before to make it legal for girls to attend football stadiums. Young girls keen on football welcomed the decision but the Islamic authorities vetoed it. This time the scenario may be even harsher. Both women and the Islamic establishment could reject his choice. With the increasing number of women arrested, imprisoned and killed during his presidency – accused of advocating women's equal rights – Ahmadinejad will find it hard to convince women that this latest move is anything but another political show.

Iran releases French teaching assistant on bail (August 17, 2009 - Angelique Chrisafis in Paris and Mark Tran)

Women 'to join Iranian Cabinet' (August 16, 2009)

Iran's Ahmadinejad criticizes rival Rafsanjani (August 17, 2009)
Iran: Reformist paper shut down (August 17, 2009)

Keeping the Change
Babak Dad on the Rapes Inside Iran's Prisons: The Story of One Anonymous Victim and a Call to the People of Iran by Maryam (August 15, 2009)
The following is our translation of a moving piece on Iran's prisoner rape-victims, written by the journalist Babak Dad. Dad, who went underground shortly after the June 12 elections and currently remains in hiding inside the country, continues to provide some of the most disarming, disquieting, and personal accounts of the post-election atmosphere and events. This piece, written partly in the voice of an anonymous (though likely real) rape victim and partly from the author's own perspective, is a mixing of multiple realities. Dad combines insight into the rape victim's internal thoughts and feeling, with commentary on the societal responses to the sexual assaults allegedly occurring inside Iran's prisons.

Always the critic, Dad's piece is not a mere lamentation of the horrifying stories of rape and abuse. Rather, his writing is a call to action, directed both to the victims and Iranian society alike. To the survivors of these ignominies, Dad counsels openness, urging them to step forward and tell their stories (no small feat in a culture in which such things traditionally are never discussed). Dad connects the victims' silence to Iranian society's general unresponsiveness to these stories of rape and abuse, and blasts the people's failure to "rise up" to regain the "lost innocence" of these young victims.

It is, in short, a beautifully written and lyrical piece, providing the personal, yet socially critical perspective on the rape allegations that we did not know we were missing until Mr. Dad brought it to our attention.

"You're 18 years old. Three months ago "you loved Iran and the freedom of its people" and you were ready to give your life so that your country could be "Green." You were unawares that after several weeks of imprisonment and torture, you would become embarrassed of yourself, embarrassed of the people, and even embarrassed of God. You are disgusted! You crawl around in the corner of the house because you are unable even to sit. Your interrogator said to you: "I'll take care of you so that you wont be able to walk for a long time, let alone go to a protest, you fancy-pants kid! You won't even be able to sit. I'll fix you so that you'll have to crawl like a crab." This man wanted to make you a member of the "organization of the apathetic!" Their goal was to make you, you who are young and full of rage, isolated and so abused that you will no longer care about or for anything.

You crawl on the floor, since rectal stitches take a long while to heal. You can still hear the moans of the young boys, begging for mercy. Because of these lamentations you can no longer sleep. Three months ago how happy you were, how well you felt. With intelligence and joy you cast your vote. But the scandalous election fraud made you, like so many others, extremely angry. Your vote and the vote of many others were Green votes, but you saw that this fraud put Black votes in their places. The next project was one created of red blood and yellow hopelessness. They killed Neda, Sohrab, and hundreds of others until the streets were crimson. You became incensed but you listened to the words of your elders and during the "silent marches" you sang no slogans and held back your cries. Still, the Supreme Leader's supporters attacked the crowds, with batons and tear gas. They arrested you for the crime of having a green ribbon around your wrist and for being young and full of hope and energy.

They took you to the metal boxes of Kahrizak prison and put you in one cell with hundreds of others like you. Every day you received multiple beatings and verbal abuses. After a while, they took you and several of the younger, more lively prisoners to the "The Victors of the New Way" cell. There, several interrogators, veteran prisoners, prison wardens and members of the Basij raped you and the other young detainees, wanting "to humble you." They did this to you several times, so that you would be completely "destroyed." So that you would be broken and spiritless. You can still hear the screams of your abuser: "You came to get back your vote? Here's your vote!" He burned even the marrow of your bones.

On condition that you "would keep your mouth shout," they released you to your family, deeply emotionally traumatized and physically scarred. You cannot speak of your suffering to your father, mother, or any of your family members. You are lonely, dejected, and wretched. You dislike yourself. You say to yourself, "To hell with everyone. To hell with me." Then you hear on the news that Mr Larijani has issued a "warning," saying that the investigations have shown that there is "no evidence of sexual assault" against the prisoners. Now your heart burns. When was Larijani able to speak with all the prisoners? They tell anyone who has a complaint to step forward and investigate. But you know that with those threats that they leveled against you before your release and the letter they forced you to sign, testifying to the "good behavior of the prison wardens," your hands have been tied.

You imagine that it is the work of one moment, "I did not want this life! Lucky for you that you did not experience a ruptured rectum at the age of 18 and you have no sense of my lamentations. You sit and threaten Karoubi, while at night you eat pepperoni pizzas with your young children and take pride in the handsome figure of your son in his new bootcut, six-pocket jeans. You do not know that they have drowned in blood the pants of many young people, like me, in Kahrizak and other prisons, simply because we refused to live our lives under the banner of fraud and injustice. Thank God you still have your child! Thank God that his virtue is still safe. You ask yourself why I chose to take part in the demonstrations? Because they taught me that I was deserving of my rights. All I wanted were my rights, nothing more."

You bring the knife close to your veins, the pain cannot be more than what you experienced in the "Victors of the New Way" cell. Your first interrogator in the "Victors of the New Way " said to you: "I'll ... you so that none of you will ever go after your votes again, you fancy pants kids. So that all you hope for is death. And I'll bring your mother and your sister so that you can see how I ... them." After you were released, you discovered that you could not recount your pain to anyone. You remember that for the Green Movement you went onto the streets - now wounded and at the height of youth, you have become "yellow." The tyrants are happy that they have made another "Green" withered, dejected, sick, and spiritless. They have made you detest yourself and the people's destiny no longer matters to you. You have become part of a generation whose name is the "generation of the burned." A generation without spirit, dejected, but still intolerably angry.

What do you want from the people? What should they do to compensate you for the pain you endured in the "Victors of the New Way?" Whatever you want, please tell us, so that what we can help mend the wounds you have suffered in order to "get your vote back;" if you do not tell us, we will not be able to help you. Tell us, otherwise I fear that the sadness and apathy that burn in your chest will engulf the ignorant and unprepared people as well. I do not doubt that your sadness will soon destroy the Leaders of the "Victors," meaning Khamanei, Ahmadinejad, Larijani and Shahroudi - even if they view themselves as the representatives of Imam Mahdi and, in order to repress the Opposition, command that boys and girls be raped and sexually assaulted. Speak to the people! If they know they must make amends for these crimes, that they must rise up and take back the "lost innocence" of their children, perhaps the people will fear the wrath of God, leave their work, and take the revenge owed to you and tens of boys and girls like you, before you and your wounded friends are destroyed by your sadness and the wrath of God is unleashed on this country.

In order to get back our votes, you rose up. Now we must rise up to take back your innocence. Stay with us and when you hear the sound of our rising up, even if you must crawl like that crab of which your interrogator spoke, drag yourself across the floor and join the torrent of people. Let your interrogator and his superiors and their polluted Leader see that they could not kill the drive to defend the people's rights that lives inside the innocent youngsters of Iran."

Lara Setrakian's blog
A Protester's Purported Account of Rape in Detention (August 13, 2009)

Enduring America
Iran: Text of Latest Karroubi Statement “You Will Not Force Me Into Silence” (August 18, 2009)
The Latest from Iran (18 August): Which Way for the Government? (August 18, 2009)
Iran Debate: Is Hashemi Rafsanjani A Spent Force? (August 18, 2009)
The Latest from Iran (17 August): Waiting for the Next Manoeuvre (August 17, 2009)
Latest Iran Video: Ayatollah Sane’i’s Criticism (12 August) (August 17, 2009)
There is Internet flutter today about a speech given by Ayatollah Sane’i to clerics on 12 August, a video of which has just emerged. Sane’i has been a sustained critic of the Government since the election, but this address goes further in its condemnation. It is in Farsi, of course, but Josh Shahryar offers a summary, which we’ve reprinted below the first of the five videos:

Iran: Questions for the “Green Path of Hope” and for the Government (August 17, 2009)
Latest Iran Video: When Hashemi Met Ahmadi, Demo at Etemade Melli (17 August) (August 17, 2009)
This morning, at the inauguration ceremony of Mohammad Sadegh Larijani, former President Hashemi Rafsanjani and current President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad found themselves in the same place at the same time on the first occasion since the Presidential election. The video of the meeting shows a cordial encounter:

The Latest from Iran (16 August): New Challenge to Khamenei? (August 16, 2009)
Iran Special Announcement: Supreme Leader Looking for (Facebook) Friends (August 16, 2009)
The Latest from Iran (15 August): Battles Within the Establishment (August 15, 2009)

Iran wins the Asia Cup, not their people (August 17, 2009)
Ayatollah calls Ahmadinejad a “bastard” who will “destroy Shiism” (August 17, 2009) <- Ayatollah Sane’i
Supporters demonstrate in front of Etemad Melli’s office (August 17, 2009)
Ahmadinejad’s delegation fears protests at UN (August 17, 2009) <- no shit sherlock, come come we ask of you, so that you might see our mighty wrath for yourself
Clerics issue anonymous letter lambasting Supreme Leader (August 16, 2009)

Tehran Bureau
Karoubi’s newspaper shut, protests (August 17, 2009)
The Great Tehran Expo Privatization Scandal You’ve Never Heard Of (August 17, 2009 - MOHAMMAD KHIABANI) <- MASSIVE scandal
Ahmadinejad’s Security Cabinet (August 17, 2009) MUHAMMAD SAHIMI)
Hello There (August 17, 2009) <- translations of Iranian news
Sane'i calls Ahmadinejad ‘bastard’

Source: YouTube | August 12, 2009

The outspoken Ayatollah Sane’i called Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a ‘bastard’ who is out to destroy the Shia faith.

“What will destroy Shiism is saying in front of millions of people that the clerics and their children are thieves who have been stealing for thirty years,” Sane’i said, in a video posted to YouTube apparently taken at a sermon in Gorgan.

In a televised debate preceding the presidential election, Ahmadinejad had accused Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and his family of fiscal corruption.

Sanei added, “What kind of a Shia government is this? There’s been thievery for 30 years and they have just found out about it? Meanwhile, billions are transferred to Turkey and the report is rejected.”

“Calling someone a thief means tarnishing someone’s image and is punishable under Islamic law,” he said. But Sanai admitted corruption does exist among officials. ”Yes, some people in this establishment are guilty of thievery.”

“The person who makes such accusations, if he has taken an oath in Majlis to protect the honor of the people, breaks his oath. As the oath is sworn on the Quran, breaking it has a pecuniary punishment as well as a mortal sin.”

“He lies because he is a bastard or else he would have seen the hidden Imam,” Sanei said, as laughter rippled through his audience.

The Ayatollah Speaks <- this is a written out summary/translation of Ayatollah Sanei's speech
pt 1





Iran chief judge hints at trials for prison abuse (August 17, 2009 - LEE KEATH)

Israel envoy to U.S.: We have no plans to strike Iran (August 17, 2009?)

Washington Times
Khomeini ally now leads Iran dissidents (August 17, 2009 - Iason Athanasiadis)

21 Year Old to be Executed for Five Year Old Crime (August 18, 2009)


Supporters demonstrate in front of Etemad Melli’s office

"Dj Spooky + Sussan Deyhim – Azadi (The New Complexity)
Under Creative Commons License: Attribution Non-Commercial No Derivatives the lyrics and their meaning
Dj Spooky + Sussan Deyhim: Azadi (The New Complexity) by Dj Spooky

I'm really getting tired of writing out these long posts and something happens and either all or half of it get deleted. T_T
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