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Do you know where your senators stand on the public option?

Source with more details.

I thought it would be helpful (and an interesting discussion post) to list where the 63 members of the Senate who might be convinced into the public option currently stand. Please keep in mind that excluded from this list are the senators who the left has no chance of winning over.

Senator who have officially shown support for the public option:
CA - Boxer (D)
CA - Feinstein (D)
CO - Bennet (D)
CO - Udall (D)
CT - Dodd (D)
DE - Kaufman (D)
HI - Akaka (D)
HI - Inouye (D)
IA - Harkin (D)
IL - Burris (D)
IL - Durbin (D)
MA - Kerry (D)
MA - Kennedy (D)
MD - Cardin (D)
MD - Mikulski (D)
MI - Levin (D)
MI - Stabenow (D)
MN - Franken (D)
MO - McCaskill (D)
NC - Hagan (D)
ND - Dorgan (D)
NH - Shaheen (D)
NJ - Lautenberg (D)
NJ - Menendez (D)
NM - Bingaman (D)
NM - Udall (D)
NV - Reid (D)
NY - Gillibrand (D)
NY - Schumer (D)
OH - Brown (D)
OR - Merkley (D)
PA - Casey (D)
PA - Specter (D)
RI - Reed (D)
RI - Whitehouse (D)
VA - Webb (D)
VT - Leahy (D)
VT - Sanders (I)
WA - Cantwell (D)
WA - Murray (D)
WI - Feingold (D)
WV - Rockefeller (D)
total yes votes: 44

Senators who are officially opposed to the public option:

CT - Lieberman (I)
ME - Collins (R)
total no votes: 2

Senators who have indicated "maybe" to a public option:

AK - Begich (D)
AR - Lincoln (D)
AR - Pryor (D)
DE - Carper (D)
FL - Bill Nelson (D)
GA - Isakson (R)
IN - Bayh (D)
LA - Landrieu (D)
ME - Snowe (R)
MT - Baucus (D)
MT - Tester (D)
ND - Conrad (D)
NE - Ben Nelson (D)
OR - Wyden (D)
VA - Warner (D)
WI - Kohl (D)
total "maybe" votes: 16

Senators whose position is unknown:

MN - Klobuchar (D)*
SD - Johnson (D)*
WV - Byrd (D)
total unknown: 3

*Klobuchar and Johnson are listed on Howard Dean's DFA site ( as in support of a public option.

So, with 43 "yes" votes, that leave 8 senators who'd have to get on board to get the 51 votes for a reconciliation process. If you were organizing this, who would you target for conversion over to the public plan? Or, if you are opposed to a public plan, who would you try to snipe from the "yes" list?

Personally, I would try to convert Wyden (he's typically a good Democrat -- but he's pushing his own plan, which, while not a bad plan, does not include a public option) and Byrd (can possibly be convinced that public health care is best for his state -- but he has been ill and has also expressed opposition to using reconciliation). I'd also go for Klobuchar, Begich, Bill Nelson, Tester, Snowe, and Johnson. Also, if the White House is feeling plucky, they might remind Joe Lieberman that they stood up for him after he bitched out during the 2008 election.

Byrd's illness might be a problem, but he is said to be returning to the Senate soon. Kennedy is also ill but I'm pretty sure he'd do anything to get there for a vote on health care.

Also, if you see your senator on this list (or not), here is the site with senatorial phone numbers:

Feel free to give them a call. :)

EDITED TO ADD: I'm adding Sen. Rockefeller from West Virginia to the "Yes" list. I'm not sure why the source site seemed to forget him! He has come out in favor, and is listed on Howard Dean's site as a confirmed "Yes."
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