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Town Hall Attendees: "We're Not Racist. We Just Hate The Public Option"


Hundreds attend Corker Town Hall meeting in Bradley Co.

U.S. Sen. Bob Corker attended a scheduled town Hall meeting Monday at Lee University in Cleveland, Tennessee.

The public event to discuss health care reform was much larger than the school expected. More than 500 people attended, some watching on television from the lobby of the Dixon Center.

"This is our country and we don't want this intrusion any longer. Leave us alone," said one woman.

For the most part, Sen. Corker is on their side in opposing President Barack Obama's philosophy on health care reform.

Still, the mostly Republican crowd let him know how they feel about others in Washington.

"I would ask that you tell Nancy Pelosi, I'm one of those ugly mobsters. I'm not a racist. I'm an American and I'm sick and tired of sitting here every time something goes wrong with the president's plan, we are all racists. Well guess what? If he can call me a racist, more power to him, but he's lying," said Ron Harwell.

The crowd was passionate and seemed to have done its homework. Some told personal stories, like Bob Dupuy describing his wife's terminal illness.

"After discussions with our physicians, and they laid everything out for us, the choice was made by me and my children to decide to terminate my wife's life. And I don't want the government or anybody else, anybody in this facility, telling me the government has a right to take our lives," Dupuy said.

Corker told the crowd he understands, but says the anger at government goes beyond health care.

"I think it is about the fact that everyone in this country is waking up, or the majority of the people in this country are waking up and realizing that we have a government that is out of control," Corker said.

Corker also said that's the reason people are coming out in such large numbers across the country.

After the town hall meeting, Sen. Corker spent another half hour shaking hands and answering more questions.

Corker told 6 News he believes a health care bill will eventually pass.

He said he's hoping the final version will provide more choices for people to buy private insurance and not add to the deficit.


I'm not racist either, and I oppose the public option as well! I hope people see that not every opponent is a raving lunatic. Also, I wish the spineless fucks in NYC would hold a Town Hall. I want to express my opposition.

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