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Ninna Faye

In case you thought political discussion was missing the serious stuff...

Michelle Obama's Shorts: Does The First Lady Have The Right To Bare Legs?

Michelle Obama took a lot of flak for baring her arms in February, but now she may be the first first lady to descend the steps of Air Force One (or appear in public for that matter) in short shorts. After all, can you imagine Laura Bush or Patricia Nixon doing the same?

There's no doubt Mrs. Obama has gorgeous gams, but do you think it's appropriate for her to bare so much of them?

Inappropriate Sauce

I don't call them "short shorts" unless you can see thong/asscheek/netherlips.  It's hot out, they're on vacation and Michelle's plenty young enough to wear shorts like that.  Laura and Patricia could too if they wanted, there's no age limit on those kind of shorts.  Plus, they're the same kind that Malia is wearing and no one's giving her wank.
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