ED (evildevil) wrote in ontd_political,

Car Belonging to Congressman's Niece Torched. What the HELL?

Car Belonging to Congressman's Niece Torched
Bobby Rush's niece treated for minor burns

A car belonging to the niece of Rep. Bobby Rush was torched Tuesday morning in Lansing, Ill.

Authorities said an accelerant was found around the Lexus, which was parked outside the Britany Lane home of the Democrat's brother, Marlan Rush.

"We get there (and) the owner of the vehicle was there. She had minor burns. She was treated on-scene and she refused to go to the hospital," said Sgt. Scott Bailey with the Lansing Police Department.

Investigators said they're still trying to piece together what happened and have not made any arrests.

A Rush spokesman said the congressman has yet to receive details from the family or investigators and had no further comment.
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