Miss Murchison (missmurchison) wrote in ontd_political,
Miss Murchison

Republican, unsatisfied with stopping US health reform, decides to destroy Canadian system

A U.S. Senator wants to destroy the Canadian prescription drug system.

I believe re-importation will cause the pricing system world-wide that the big drug companies exploit to collapse. Right now the big drug companies are able to charge very different prices in different countries, and of course we pay the highest price of all. If they did that, like they do now, but then we can write off to Canada, and pass certain safety provisions, and get drugs from there - guess what? That system implodes. That system can't survive. So my ultimate goal, in terms of re-importation, is causing that system to collapse, so there's a true, world-wide price for a drug. And that might - wouldn't might - that would increase the cost in Canada, that would dramatically decrease the cost in the US.

Does that theoretical reduction in costs include adult diapers, Dave?

Source has contacted the Canadian International Trade Ministry.

*gets popcorn*
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