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If this isn't political let me know, I just have to squee a bit.

The Most Inspiring Women of 2009

Rachel Maddow is number ten! :D Katie Couric is three, and Laura Scher (co-founder of Working Assets, which owns Credo Mobile) is number nine.

The Opinion Maker:
Rachel Maddow

Host of MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show, 36

For having the courage to be the first openly gay host of a prime-time news show

Who inspires me
Investigative reporters. They do important, thankless, difficult work for the good of the country and democracy.

My proudest feat
My 10-year relationship with my girlfriend, Susan. It was instant love, like getting bonked on the head by a meteorite. We champion each other to the world.

My major roadblock
I'm totally disorganized. Thank God Susan writes the rent checks.

Why I love my job
I get to talk about whatever I want for an hour, on TV. That's pretty special.

My perfect evening
I'm home with Susan, me making drinks, her cooking dinner and us talking. Me cooking would be bad!

When I say I'd go gay for this woman, I mean it.
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