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Agri-Business about to get the ass kicking it so righteously deserves

I live in South Texas in a rural area. Land around my house within twenty square miles is spattered with housing areas and massive acres of farming land. It's mainly been the cheap corn for ethanol or maze for the cows for the past couple of years, but cotton and soy beans are making a come back. Especially because of the corn industry hikes and how bad the season has been because of the extreme drought.

No one wants to talk about how big of a freaking monopoly the corn industry has on the agri-business and the food business. I think, for once, Jim Cramer is spot on to something. And you know what, I hope to god the federal government starts to look into how the agri-business is running things.

This is BIG.

Jim Cramer Thinks Food, Inc. Could Inflame The Justice Dept To Take On Monsanto (VIDEO) (August 20, 2009)

Last week, Jim Cramer did a fascinating segment on the seed giant and Roundup herbicide producer, Monsanto. He posits that Monsanto could be a prime target for a Justice Department antitrust action for their monopoly on seeds.

Tom Brennan writes on Cramer's segment:

A series of competition-crushing acquisitions made this biotech disguised as an agriculture outfit the market leader in genetically modified US corn, soybean and cotton seeds. And Monsanto maintains strict agreements with its farmer clients that leave them virtually no choice but to feed at the corporate trough. Plus, the company plans to push through a 42% price increase on its new seeds, and there's nothing these farmers can do about it.

Cramer states he thinks "the government is worried about about the family farmer being destroyed by Monsanto's practices" and Monsanto's action of raising seed prices is "begging the Justice Department to go after them [.....] They are tempting the wrath of Obama."

If it doesn't embedd, try here

Cramer also says, Monsanto "better hope the guys at [The] Justice [Department] don't go to the movies" and see the documentary Food, Inc. which takes on Monsanto's practices, along with many other aspects of our industrialized food system.

If you haven't seen Food, Inc. yet, watch a trailer here:


You wanna know why your milk costs about $3-4 a gallon when the dairy industry for the farmers has collapsed? This is why. It also has to do with the high feed prices and how dairy processors and retailers charge higher rates for changing unprocessed milk into milk, yogurt, ice cream, et al.

If this happens. Expect the stock market to take a plunge. Also expect for prices in your grocery stores to change. This is something that has been needed for many many years now. Corn is everywhere, high frustosecorn syrup is in everything and this company owns %30 of all corn seeds planted.

These fuckers and others like them are the reason why there was a massive food famine about a year ago with the grain scarce.
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