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Arab-European League comes up with dubious way to protest decision not to indict maker of anti-Islam

Disgraceful Arab protest: The Arab-European League in Holland has republished a cartoon mocking the Holocaust three years after it has been removed from its website.

The move was aimed to protest the decision not to indict Dutch Lawmaker Geert Wilders over an anti-Islamic movie he produced.

The Arab organization noted that the holocaust cartoon was removed from its website three years ago, yet despite this the Dutch prosecutor's office did not reconsider its intention to file an indictment in connection with the case.

The group said authorities in Holland were adopting a "double standard," as Wilders was not charged despite including Prophet Muhammad caricatures in his film, which angered many Muslims.

The Holocaust cartoon in question, which depicts two Jews "searching for victims" at Auschwitz, hints that the Jews invented the Shoah (holocaust in Hebrew).

Group officials said they believe no indictments should be served against the publishers of caricatures of any kind, and claimed that members of Holland's Arab community were feeling a "sense of injustice" as result of the decision taking by Dutch authorities in connection with the cartoon.

The cartoon in question can be seen at the Arab-European League site.
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