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Women! Know Your Place! (It's in politics, but only if you're pretty!)

A local Conservative chairman has triggered a sexism row after saying he'd only pick a woman to stand in one of the party's most high-profile seats if she was attractive. Cathy Newman reports.

Alan Scard is in charge of selecting a Tory candidate for Gosport, where the sitting MP Sir Peter Viggers quit after trying to claim for a floating duck house on expenses.

Asked in an interview with Channel 4 News if he was happy to support David Cameron's call to put more women in Parliament, he said: "If they are attractive yeah I would go for it."

He added: "I suppose a woman...if they are attractive...I know it's a sexist thing to say but you could get the blokes saying 'Oh you know I would vote for her because she's really attractive' but then the other women say 'Oh I don't like her she's too attractive.'"

The comments prompted a barrage of criticism from Labour.

Cabinet Office minister Tessa Jowell said: "These comments which are deeply offensive and hugely patronising to women are exactly the type of Tory attitude David Cameron claims to have got rid of."

She added: "In the last two weeks we have seen Tories denying homophobia exists, condemning the NHS and now this blatant sexism."

More at source, including the clash between local Conservatives and CCHQ on candidate choices, as well as problems affecting Labour and their all-women shortlists.

I can see that he's not being totally serious, and this is actually the sort of thing people consider when selecting a parliamentary candidate (it shouldn't be of course, but alas that's the world we live in) - but what kind of idiot actually articulates this on national television? Dingbat.
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