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Fail All Around the Taiwan Flood Situation

I was shown this news from a friend of videos on Youtube taken from Taiwan news channels about situations regarding the flood victims that English media hasn't touched on.


VICTIM FAIL: Flood victims WASTE FOOD by dumping boxed lunches made for them in the trash

Victims don't even touch the food in the boxed lunches (spaghetti and lamb stew) before dumping them in the trash. They think the food is too crappy to eat. Volunteers start making the boxed lunches at 4am in the morning and despite their effort, some people don't give a shit because they're too stuck up even though they're HOMELESS. The boxed lunch lady interviewed said that she was sad how they don't appreciate her and others' effort.

This video makes me sick watching all that perfectly good food in the trash. I grew up with the principle of not wasting my food (I know a lot of Chinese kids grow up with "WHAT ABOUT THE KIDS IN AFRICA? FINISH YOUR FOOD" line) so this makes me rage so hard. I can't believe they're wasting perfectly edible and good food (LAAAAAAMB) when it's a time of crisis. What do they expect, a full course meal????

DONOR FAIL: Expired food gets donated to the victims

Charities have to sift through all the food that come in because people donated EXPIRED food like moldy crackers and stuff for the victims to eat. One of the interviewed people was saying how "They're victims not destitutes." (rough translation) The citizens who donated on the surface look like they're good but in actuality, what they did was donate the food that was almost expiring from their house (clearing inventory kinda thing).

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