bludstone (bludstone) wrote in ontd_political,

Dont do this, we dont want her on OUR team. DEAR GOD NO.

In an interview with AM 1280 on Saturday, Rep. Michele Bachmann announced that she will have Rep. Ron Paul as her guest for a September town hall forum in St. Cloud.

“I’ll be doing another town hall up in the St. Cloud area in September and we’ll do that on monetary policy. Ron Paul is going to come in and we are going to host something on monetary policy,” Bachmann said.

Bachmann is a convert to the Ron Paul movement, sometimes attending the congressman’s weekly lunches.

“I especially want to speak to the 19- to 20-year olds so they can know what there future will be under this level of debt accumulation and spending,” she added about the forum. “They need to know their future. And so I’m bringing him in so we can have a discussion on monetary policy.”


Just, no. I know shes just trying to leverage the Campaign for Liberty to find some.. any support. But no. Just go away Bachmann. You do more to hurt us then to help us. I dont want you on my team, go away. Ew, I feel gross.

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