Cheese. (popehippo) wrote in ontd_political,

Today is National "Go Topless" Day. Booty lovers dismayed and shunned.

A Topless Day Parade was held to celebrate National Go-Topless Day in Venice Beach. "Free your breast, Free your mind" was chanted as people marched from Navy St. down the Venice boardwalk to Muscle Beach. The demonstrators believe it is a woman's constitutional right to equality, to be topless. Women are free in other countries to make this choice without consequences, attention or humiliation.

Men joined in to show their support by wearing bras or bathing suit tops wanting women to have the same rights that they receive.

The demonstration was held at Venice Beach because during the mid-70's this was once the most popular "Bare it all Beaches" in Los Angeles County. Now Public nudity is illegal at all Los Angeles county beaches.

This peaceful parade and demonstration was supported by local law enforcement and fire department, who looked happy to be on duty! This falls into the "Only in California" category!

All women were totally covered-up by "pasties" that looked identical to the female anatomy they were covering! Clever but making for a most challenging report to cover .. .. editing was essential!

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