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Tory MEP Dan Hannan praises Enoch Powell

Daniel Hannan MEP has given another interview to a right-wing US group. When asked who was among his greatest political influences, Hannan says it was Enoch Powell:

Yeah, all of those guys…In the British context, Enoch Powell. He was..as somebody who understood the importance of national democracy, who understood why you need to live in an independent country and what that meant, as well as being a free marketeer and a small government Conservative.”

The importance of national democracy and living in an independent country? More like Enoch Powell was someone who wanted a racial war in the UK merely because a few immigrants had come over to settle here.

According to Paul Waugh, this is the response from the Conservatives:

CCHQ is not going to comment formally, but sources say that Dan’s remarks clearly refer (as I pointed out above) to Powell’s views on non-immigration issues. If he had explicitly praised Powell on race or immigration, David Cameron would have had a different response, I’m told.

I suppose praising the BNP, as long as it’s not immigration related, is ok too? After all Nick Griffin must be a lovely chap as long as you ignore his mad, racist conspiracy theories. Why not invite him around for tea Mr Hannan?

Mark Hanson has it exactly right on Dan Hannan’s approach:

Hannan has been clever though in that he’s made no mention to race or immigration in the text of what he’s said so it’s easy to defend in the media. What he’s done is appeal to the emotional element of the brain. This is common in US politics, where Hannan is making friends, and works by using certain words or imagery to imply something that activates the emotional side of the brain. It means to you can send signals, which if they were explicit, may cause an outrage, but by being subtle they make the desired impact. They’re often referred to as dog-whistle issues.

Dog-whistle politics indeed.

Update: Well done to Parmjit Dhanda for calling him out on it.

Video below:

Source: Liberal Conspiracy

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