ubiquitous_a (ubiquitous_a) wrote in ontd_political,

Mark Sanford: I Will Not Resign

COLUMBIA, S.C. — South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says he appreciates the lieutenant governor's offer to take over, but he plans to stay in office.

Sanford said Wednesday that Lt. Gov. Andre Bauer's call for him to resign hours earlier was almost like "heaven on earth." Sanford's June admission to an affair with an Argentine woman has led to questions about the legality of his travel on state and commercial planes.



But he says the people of South Carolina want to move past the scandals. He says he will not be railroaded out of office and thinks he can still do important things for South Carolina in the last 16 months of his term.

Bauer says that if Sanford steps down, he will renew his offer to stay out of the 2010 gubernatorial race. Sanford's term ends in January 2011.

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