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Dallas Assault Brings 75-Year Sentence

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By Michelle Garcia
Dallas Assault Brings 75-Year Sentence

A Dallas man has been sentenced to 75 years in prison for a vicious attack on a gay man in July 2008.

Bobby Singleton, 30, was convicted of aggravated robbery earlier this week, according to The Dallas Morning News. He was found guilty of assaulting and robbing Jimmy Dean (pictured) at gunpoint in the Oak Lawn section of Dallas.

Singleton said he and his friend Jonathan Gunter did not attack Dean because he was gay, but in his police confession, he said they went to the area to specifically target gays. He also said using the word "faggot" was not homophobic but fair game for anyone in a fight.

Singleton apologized to Dean while on the witness stand. He said he was ashamed of his actions but acted that way because he had problems at work, and his girlfriend left him and took their child, according to the News. The events, he said, made him start drinking and using drugs.

"I think about it every day," Singleton said to Dean. "And I am truly sorry and I would like to say to Mr. Dean that I'm sorry for what I did."

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