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Have any of you gone to health care rallies/town hall meetings lately? Tell about your experience!

I went to one in Austin today (with my roommate villainism) with Lloyd Doggett. I was hoping to shake his hand and tell he's my faaavorite, but I only just barely saw him while he was in a rush to get inside. We had a chance to cut in line and get inside to see him speak, but we ended up deciding to stay outside and counter-protest the protesters. Our signs were amazing, even if the backs of them both would have only been funny to people in this community.

(Mine on the left, villainism's on the right)


I decided to talk to some secessionists, which was a huge fucking mistake. I just asked them a few standard questions, like "How do you expect us to get by without any money from the government?" and "But wasn't it hypocritical that Rick Perry asked for assistance with the wildfires just weeks after saying we didn't need the US government?" and "Do you really think the Texas national guard could protect us from an invading country? REALLY?!" They started getting mad at us and told us to stand in traffic. Which was cool.

There was a LaRouche supporter who totally Godwin'd on us by having a picture of Obama with a Hitler moutstache. People still pay attention to/care about/follow LaRouche? Really? Damn. He apparently had some printouts of his horrible, racist picture and he handed them out to some clueless people who took that as a cue to shout "OBAMA IS TYRANNY."

Some fucker with a video camera came up to us and asked a couple of people what we thought the 10th amendment meant and when I said "I don't answer questions like that on camera," he said, "Yeah I figured you didn't know." Okay, yeah, because I don't want to say something about state sovereignty while you record it, only so you can chop it up later at home and make me look like an idiot, that means I don't know the 10th amendment. Cool story, bro.

We chanted back and forth for a little while before we decided to walk around a bit. We apparently made it to a much less civilized part of the crazies, where we ended up across the street from King Broseph of Brosylvania. The dude looked like he stepped straight out of his frat house and onto the street. He saw my single payer sign while he was in the middle of some diatribe to someone else and immediately redirected his ire towards me. He shouted at me that he doesn't want to pay for my Lasik surgery (what??), that I just needed to work harder (bootstraps, fuckers!), and that it's my fault we're still fighting the war. I started getting hilariously frustrated with the dude and was like, "Okay! You convinced me! I give up!" and some old fart behind him got all "OOOOOOHHH BEING DEMEANING IS SO MATUUUUUUURRREEEEE." My fist will show your face maturity, buddy.

Anyway, I took some pictures of the crazies.

This lady was parading up and down the road like she/her sign was the second coming of Jesus Christ. She also told all of us ~socialists~~ that we were totally Nazis. Because, you know, logic.

My roommate almost literally shit her pants over these ladies. How dare they hijack that slogan and apply it to their horrible ideals.

He tried to "infiltrate" our side of the road and a cop escorted him back over before I could question his idiotic and incorrect sign.

Godwin! LaRouche! LOL!

Broke my heart :(

Spelling fail!

Now presenting Mr. Cool Hat, King Broseph of Brosylvania

Watch the tendons in his neck continue to contract as he keeps on HULKING OUT at me for wanting him to pay for my Lasik (again, wtf?).


She was apparently kicked out of the town hall for causing a ruckus, but I'm going to assume she was actually kicked out because Lloyd Doggett couldn't stop lmao-ing at her 912 PROJECT shirt.

More patriotism, pls.

When we left, we passed the sign torch to these to adorable girls. They were standing behind us when King Broseph was hulking out on me and kept saying "I wanna SMACK him" and "What a DORK," so they seemed like worthy heirs to our lol-throne.

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