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Oh, Daily Mail... <3

The Daily Mail likes to invent news, especially if it’s about the ills of society and video games. They fabricate the facts and will force a story out at all costs. Either that or they simply do little research or fact checking, or are pushing an agenda and don’t really care about being fair. When they’re not complaining that Scrabble contains rude words, or using Fallout 3 concept art and claiming it to have been created by terrorists, they’re dangerously waving around statements about violent games and murder.

This time they’re up in arms because Cherie Blair (Tony’s wife) and her son are apparently now on the board of directors for an eSports group called “Magnitude Gaming” (with them included has three board members). One of the games they play is Counter Strike which, according to the Daily Mail, contains “highly realistic, graphic battles.” Helpfully, the Daily Mail follow this statement by telling us all that there “have been claims that perpetrators of massacres in the US and Germany have been fans of the game.”

That’s right, somebody said there might be a connection, so in the name of fair journalism the authors (that’s two of them) told us about it. The terrible article then goes on to spin the facts about as far out as to make you think Jacky T talked to them. They quote a few juicy parts from a previous study on knife crime in the UK and then imply dodgy dealing are going on because the third board member lives with Cherie’s son (who’s 23).

So, just from reading between the lines, a 23 year old guy and his friend want to set up an eSports group to play competitive games, and the one asked his mum for help. Score one for investigative journalism! I dread to think what could have happened had the Daily Mail not brought this sordid deal to our attention. Chances are Tony would come home one day, see some Counter Strike being played and proceed to storm into the Houses of Parliament and kill everybody. Probably.

Incidentally, sometimes as a hobby I go through the gaming articles on the Daily Mail and leave comments pointing out their factual inaccuracies. Sadly, as this would ruin their fun, they never react to them. I wonder if the writers ever feel guilty about the false implications they’re spouting out?

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