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Really, Cartoon Network? Are you fucking kidding me?

Lee Stranahan

Lee Stranahan

Filmmaker, Writer, Photographer

Posted: September 7, 2009 03:27 PM

"Socialized Medicine" Ad Runs On Cartoon Network

I'm hanging out with my family at our hotel room this morning. My daughter Olivia is watching Ben 10: Alien Force on the Cartoon Network. (She tells me to make sure and mention it's Alien Force so you don't confuse it with the previous seasons of Ben 10. A stickler for journalistic accuracy, that's my daughter.) I'm barely paying attention to the TV.

Then I hear the phrase 'socialized medicine.' Doesn't seem like something Ben 10 would get into.

I look up and watch a minute pack of lies about health care reform on the Cartoon Network on World Cinema, a major supplier of satellite TV for hotels. The ad is from a group called U.S. Citizens Association.

So on the day before conservative crazies are about to pull their kids out of school so President Obama won't 'brainwash' them with her commie talk about personal responsibilty and getting an education, there's an ad about 'socialized medicine' running on The Cartoon Network.

The ad makes statements that have been debunked over and over such as "You will pay for free health care for over 20 million illegal aliens."

A bit of quick research shows that it's the same ad that CREW said MSNBC should pull from it's older demographic because it goes "beyond misleading and well into delusional."

As CREW points out in a piece about the ad airing on MSNBC,
The FCC expects broadcasters not to air false or misleading ads and NBC requires a "reasonable basis for the claims" made by an advertiser and that claims "fall within the bounds of reasonable debate." By airing U.S. Citizens Association's ludicrous advertisement, MSNBC appears to have violated both FCC and NBC policy.
Does Cartoon Network have such a policy? Does World Cinema or the Dish Network?
If my kids end up yelling 'socialist!' at some Congressman at a town, I think we'll know who to blame.

And CONSERVATIVES are screaming about indoctrination of their children?! Really?

I follow Lee on Twitter. We just got into a debate with a conservative over this.

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