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Albanian parliament sits without opposition party

The new Albanian parliament began its constitutive session Monday evening amid a boycott by the opposition.

Albania's opposition Socialist Party wanted an investigation to be launched into the outcome of the June parliamentary election.

The Socialists' boycott could hinder government's efforts to pass laws on reforms and key policies.

The centre-right Democrats of Prime Minister Sali Berisha won 70 seats in the 140-seat parliament and formed a coalition with the Socialist Integration Movement (SIM), an estranged offshoot of the Socialists who won four seats.

Berisha has said the elections were the best that the country, now a NATO member, has ever held. But the Socialists claim the vote failed to represent the people's will.

Berisha struck a deal last week with the former opposition leader Ilir Meta to form the majority.

"The Socialist Party of Albania ties its presence in the parliament to the full investigation of all the parts of this distorted election process," the Socialist leader Edi Rama said.

Rama said all claims of election irregularities must be investigated.

Berisha is expected to present his government on Thursday, local media reported.


Mods, may you include an Albania tag?

I've recently read about this country and became interested in what's happening there.

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