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Hate crime being twisted as "vigilante justice"

 DJ Bell has been charged with 2 counts of "attempted kidnapping".  The problem with this?? 
There was no crime committed
-- except for the crime AGAINST him and his partner, Dan.  

From the website:

On the morning of July 4, 2008 David James Bell and Dan Fair were victims of hate in their own home. 
The State of Utah has not pressed charges against their known and ADMITTED assailants.

Instead charges were filed against David James (DJ) and he is facing a MINIMUM of 30 years in prison.

*FACT: It was nearly six in the morning and DJ had been at a party with the family (with the kids present) all night.

*FACT: Dan was asleep in his bed the whole evening, he woke up and was trying to keep an angry mob of drunk men from breaking into his home. 



Dan and DJ were brutally attacked in their own home.  Homophobic comments accompanied each blow.

The words "FAGGOT," "FAG," "COCK-SUCKER," and "QUEER," were mingled between statements full of hate.

The police arrived - found two gay men beaten, accused of kidnapping, and only streets away from a recent child homicide.

They didn’t ask questions, they didn’t interview their friends who were in the house. They arrested DJ, and charged him with two counts of attempted kidnapping. No charges were brought against their assailants.

Assumptions were made, justice not served, investigations not conducted – because who wouldn’t believe two gay men did this!

After DJ was arrested and Dan taken to the hospital a friend of theirs was yelled at by a member of the assaulting party, "we hope your friend dies, and if he doesn't we're going to come back and finish the job!" in the presence of two officers. When their friend asked the officers, "Are you hearing this? Are you going to do anything about it?" they replied with a shrug and walked away.


If you live in the area show up at the courthouse (info here), tell your friends, spread the word.  You can also make secure online donations.



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