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Gov. Perry: "OMG Texas Is in a Recession!! Is Obama's Fault!!!! Please Send Monies!!"

After First Laughing Off Recession, Gov. Perry Admits ‘This Whole Country’s In A Recession’

Just a couple days after Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX) touted that his state was “recession proof” and callously suggested that Texas wasn’t even in a recession, Perry changed his tune in an interview with ThinkProgress at this weekend’s Value Voters Summit.

On Saturday, Perry acknowledged that Texas has been “absolutely” impacted by a recession that plagues the whole country and accuses Washington of pushing his state farther into it:

This whole country’s in a recession. You don’t lose the number of jobs that we’ve lost in this country — and Texas has been impacted too. But, there’s no doubt that the impact is substantially less on Texas because of the policies that we’ve put in place. You better believe it — every family, every person who’s lost a job is a reflection of some policy, generally speaking policies that have come out of Washington, DC…

But you ask any people in the country which state would you rather economically be in than any other one, they rather be in Texas.
We balanced our budget, we gave 40,000 small businesses a tax cut and we’re working towards having 9 billion dollars in our rainy day fund. In anybody’s estimation, that’s good economic policy that’s been put in place.
Are we worried about what Washington’s doing and the impact that it’s having on the state of Texas and the recession that it’s pushing Texas farther into? Absolutely.

Watch it:

Perry admitted that Texas has been “shedding jobs” in the oil and gas industries and pins the blame on federal decision-makers.
And while he considered rejecting “burden[some]” stimulus money and continues slamming Washington’s response to the recession, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that Texas was only able to balance its budget and pad its rainy day fund because of “an infusion of about $12.1 billion in [federal] stimulus funds” which “saved the day.”

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