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Wexler to Resign Florida Congressional Seat. What Obama Job Will He Get?

Rep. Robert Wexler (D-Fla.), the self-described “fire breathing liberal” congressman, is going to announce his resignation from Congress tomorrow morning, according to the Sun-Sentinel. And the paper adds:
A Democratic source with knowledge of Wexler’s plans said he is likely to take a public policy job that deals with the Middle East.
Oh? Like, perhaps, as one Mideast watcher speculated to me, U.S. ambassador to Israel? An ambassadorship currently held by a caretaker? Wexler was one of President Obama’s earliest prominent Jewish supporters in the Democratic primaries. It might make sense, and having someone as progressive and solidly pro-Israel as Wexler in the position might shake up the seemingly stalled peace process.

Laura Rozen hears speculation that Wexler is going to run USAID. Maybe! But is that a job worth resigning a congressional seat? To be clear, I don’t actually know what’s up here, but when I get confirmation, I will update.


Rozen's article has since been updated to say Wexler is NOT going to USAID.

seriously you guys... Ambassador to Israel Robert Wexler. holy crap, I came, this must happen, etc.

ETA: Current Twitter rumor is that he'll be director of the Center for Middle East Peace and Economic Cooperation.
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