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Your Halloween Costume: A Bigot

9:57 am - 10/23/2009
The offensive costume is a Halloween staple. Because some people, you just can't reach teach. Combine a need for attention with alcohol and some markers and duct tape and sometimes you get something great. Sometimes you get something else. But we do expect businesses to know better. Read on for this year's most bigoted, misogynistic, racist costumes. All available from legitimate retailers. Including Amazon.com.

Teen Asian Dragon Lady
The world of Suzie Wong includes registering as a sex offender, apparently.

"Fee Ling"
It's even cheap. Just like all Chinese stuff.

Barack Obama
While the above is the worst example, why would you even try to do this? Because you're racist, that's why.

Pumpkin Head Obama
Is this racist? Might be. Is it beyond stupid? You bet your ass it is. Would the only person to wear something like this probably be kinda' racist? No doubt.

The Vagina
"Way to go brah! Let me touch your clit! Oh, I can't find it! Get it? Ha ha. Gimme' another Bud Lite Lime." Hey women who sleep with these men human dildos, you're only encouraging them. (For shame, Amazon.)

Illegal Alien
Ha! Get it? It's a play on words, like going as delinquent beauty queen "Miss Behavin." Except racist. Target actually got into trouble for carrying this mask's full body counterpart. But this mask is so much worse; like a masterpiece from the Charlie Chan period.

Ha! So gay.

Abe Sauer

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