Angelica Patridaice Major (omgangiepants) wrote in ontd_political,
Angelica Patridaice Major

A certain presidential someone paid a visit to a middle school in Madison, WI today and I went and got some pictures...

We left about an hour before he was scheduled to land and somehow lucked out and ended up right next to the school.

Protesters with signs I actually liked!

Air Force helicopter scoping out the area before the motorcade came.

Snipers on the roof of the school and armored trucks lining the entrance. I was really impressed with the security.

The motorcade arriving through a bunch of trees (I didn't have a very good view).

Cute cops because I am shallow and there was like an hour and a half of nothing else to look at.

The motorcade leaving.

Then we booked it over to the airport just in time to see Air Force One take off!

No pics of the man himself or even of his limo, unfortunately. But it was still pretty awesome.
Tags: guess who, picspam, wisconsin
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