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Vampires Are Ruining The Children!

I just spotted this on ontd_trueblood and thought it would be fitting for the ontd_political crowd. I think of all the issues Brits are currently worried about, it's hilarious to think that vampires are the greatest threat to our youth. And here I thought the PTC was bad!

True Blood vampires and the explicit TV sucking the innocence out of our children

By Olivia Lichtenstein

Any parent with a teenager will be painfully aware that for impressionable young TV viewers, there's nothing sexier than a vampire - and it's got nothing to do with Halloween.

Channel 4's latest attempt to seduce us with a mixture of swearing and sex comes in the form of True Blood, the latest in the long line of sexually explicit, violent and vulgar programmes that have, sadly, become the norm on British television.

True Blood is a shocking tale of depravity, explicit sexuality (bordering on pornography) and vile language.

Even before the opening credits have rolled in the first episode, we see a young woman pleasuring a young man while driving her car.

More hilarity this way!Collapse )

So alas, dear readers-- shall we sharpen the stakes of censorship for Brit TV after the watershed?

Source (sorry for forgetting it the first time around!)

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