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Racial discrimination in British faith schools (It's chief rabbi Jonathan Sacks again)

Admittedly this is a mistake Jonathan Sacks made quite a while ago. The trial has been won in the first instance, then lost on appeal and now it's being put foward again and the BHA have now intervened in favour of the prosecution.

A child was rejected entry into the Jewish Free School (JFS). The child's father is Jewish and the mother converted to Judaism. As such, the child has a Jewish mother and is eligible. The mother is a practicing Jew and the whole family attend synagogue so there is no reason to dismiss on the grounds of religious observance. Nevertheless, the Chief Rabbi ruled that the mother did not truly count as Jewish because she converted via a Masorti synagogue. Jonathan Sacks apparently doesn't count Masorti conversions and thus by the same reckoning the child does not count as Jewish either. The obsession over the place where the mother converted rather than both her and her son's religious conviction makes this a clear case of selection based on racial rather than religious grounds.

Thankfully other British rabbis are less daft: Accord Chair, Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain declared: “This is a defining moment. For too long state-funded faith schools have had a free hand to discriminate. This will be a big first step towards creating faith schools that serve the community around them, not just themselves.”

I finally leave you with this rather awesome video of Andrew Copson from the BHA speaking in opposition to multi-millionaire philanthropist, Benjamin Perl, who is highly regarded in Orthodox circles and funds many Jewish state schools. (Perl has said in the past that he is on the "cutting-edge of fighting assimilation" i.e. he does not wish to allow the children of 'assimilated Jews' into Orthodox institutions.)

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