Jess Idres (jesidres) wrote in ontd_political,
Jess Idres

Candidate wants Colbert to moderate debate... I can't tell if this is hilarious or brilliant.

Khazei tries to land Colbert as debate moderator

By Associated Press

Democrat Alan Khazei is trying to import a moderator for a debate between the candidates vying to succeed the late Sen. Edward Kennedy.

The City Year co-founder sent an invitation today to Comedy Central star Stephen Colbert.

He asks in jest if the right-wing commentator is "tough enough" to come to Massachusetts and moderate a debate between four progressive Democrats.

Khazei has repeatedly challenged front-runner Martha Coakley to more debates. He appeared on Colbert’s popular political show, "The Colbert Report," in January.

Kennedy died Aug. 25 of brain cancer.

A Colbert spokeswoman did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


That's one way of getting people to actually tune into the debates.... but does that mean whoever does best at that debate get a 'Tip of the Hat'? Or just have the debate cut in such a way to make all the candidates look like idiots?

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