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Michael Steele Takes "Purity Test" As Sneaky Personal Attack: Paranoia or Just Stupid?

GOP Purity Test Designed To 'Stick It' To Steele: Ally

An ally of Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele says that a "purity test" suggested for the party platform is just
a publicity stunt orchestrated by his political opponents.

"You've got a few backbenchers who are unhappy," Shawn Steel, an RNC member from California, told CNN. "They don't have the power they once had under the previous chairman, and that's what motivating this. This is an attempt to stick it to Chairman Steele by the losers."

The resolution being proposed would demand that candidates adhere to ten core principles or lose party backing. Both Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush would have failed.

On Tuesday, Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) became the latest Republican leader to come out against the resolution.

"I think the more people look at that, the more they realize that's not a good idea," Cornyn said. "Republicans have always been the party of grassroots, not of top-down command and control. I think we ought to have these fights about what the republican party represents in republican primaries, and nominate the strongest candidates to win in November."
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