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Stupak the Sequel

I got this warning in my e-mail from Planned Parenthood.

The Stupak abortion coverage ban that passed the House of Representatives last month is headed for the Senate right now — and we urgently need your help.

Republican Senator Orrin Hatch and Democratic Senator Ben Nelson are planning to introduce an amendment to the Senate health care reform bill that is virtually identical to the Stupak amendment. With both Republican and Democratic support for this damaging amendment, it is entirely possible that the resulting health care reform legislation will eliminate access to private health insurance coverage of abortion for millions of women.

We cannot let that happen. We must stop them, and we need your help. Please, send a message to your senators right now.

Once you've sent your message, please don't stop there. As we saw during the vote in the House of Representatives, anti-choice groups will stop at nothing to influence the vote because their goal is to outlaw abortion, no questions asked. We can't afford to let up for even a moment. Everyone who cares about choice, health care, and women must speak up now.

Every day, uninsured women, men, and families visit Planned Parenthood health centers seeking care they can't get anywhere else, and they desperately need Congress to fix our broken system to ensure health care for all. However, eliminating choice for millions of women is a price we can't afford to pay for passing health reform.

The anti-choice Stupak ban in the House and now the proposed Hatch/Nelson ban in the Senate represent a huge step backward for women. If health care reform passes with this kind of amendment intact, it would be the most serious restriction of access to abortion coverage in a generation. I can't let that happen. I hope you can't, either.

Thank you for your action today to stop this aggressive attack on women's health and freedom. Together, we'll stop the U.S. Senate from caving to pressure from the far right. I'll keep you posted on what's next.

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