Maree (ms_maree) wrote in ontd_political,

Are men really that bad?

Australian opinion piece which is rather stupid, so I must share. Especially the opinion on domestic violence. Male privilege, blah, blah, blah.

Will nobody think of the poor men? Also the comments in the opinion piece are sad.

The male of the species copped a right old bucketing last week. First, damp-eyed barmaid Michelle (right) got her sorrowful face all over the media, bleating that a nasty man had taken advantage of her with his big pink trouser snake.

Never mind that she was married at the time and the owner of the trouser snake wasn't - and that it allegedly happened over four years ago. Poor simpering Michelle, pictured in the tabloids with knockers generously exposed, had been the victim of ''youthful naivety''. The Premier of the state, no less, had allegedly led her astray, she claimed. Another case (allegedly) of a dirty rotten male mistreating a poor helpless female. Thanks heavens she was able to salve some of the wounds with a $70,000 cheque for airing her shame.

Then came national White Ribbon day when we were told that ''one in five'' Australian women were victims of violence by men. ONE IN FIVE. Hell, that must be more than 2.5 million of them. But this wasn’t good enough for Andrew O’Keefe, the TV bod who is chairman of White Ribbon Day. O'Keefe made the astonishing statement in the press that ''at least one in three'' Australian women will at some stage experience violence at the hands of a man? ONE IN THREE! And that’s ''at least''. What? It might be every second woman? Give me a break. Where the hell do they get these statistics?

Sure there is violence against females – and there is violence against males by males too – and the odd bit of violence by females against males - and nothing disgusts me more. But AT LEAST ONE IN THREE women are subjected to violence from men? I just don’t swallow that.

My family can certainly count many many men of our acquaintance who are gentle, loving, decent husbands and partners. And we know heaps of women who hold their blokes in high esteem. In my job I meet many men who are either bloody good actors – some sort of weird type of gender Jekyll - or who are genuinely courteous and chivalrous towards the opposite gender. My golfing buddies, my footy buddies, old school buddies, I've known them for years and, apart from the usual husband-wife chiacking that cuts both ways and has been going on since Adam and Mrs Adam, womanhood is revered. Sometimes, when the lady of the house wears the pants, they're even a little feared.

But no, according to O’Keefe all Aussie men carry the shame. He himself confesses to having been ''hurtful to the women I love'' and excused that behaviour ''on the basis that , well, that’s what men are like and it didn’t really mean anything anyway''. Well sorry pal, that is NOT what "men are like" and it's an insult to the decent blokes to say so. And get this: O'Keefe wants a national charter that every bloke in the nation would sign, for Pete's sake . . . A sort of male document version of Sorry Day.

Come off it, Andy, we’re getting a bit precious aren't we? Violence against anyone is abhorrent but tarring every bloke in Australia with the same brush is not helping your cause at all. National apologies to Aboriginals, apologies to refugees, apologies to ''forgotten Australians''. Why are Aussies so desperate to wallow in guilt these days?

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