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ε=ε=ε=┌(;*´Д`)ノ oh hai.

Hello ontd_political!

A few days ago I posted Foreign Policy's list of the year's top thinkers. Several people suggested in the comments that they could make a better list. And you know what, maybe they're right! So, starting next week, we are going to do this thang.

Who do you think were the most influential global figures of the year? Despite the America-centricness of the banner, people from all over the globe are eligible for our list, and we will be asking everyone to leave a blurb - so being "obscure" shouldn't keep the rest of the community from recognizing each nominee's importance.

So get your thinking caps on! The only criteria are that your nominations must be real people (sorry Doctor Who fans) & notable on a major scale (I doubt we'll have a problem here, but I have a few requisites just in case). Oh, and being a member of the community will automatically disqualify you, sorry afa_mom.

The tentative plan goes like this:

Dec. 2 -- Announcement post
Dec. 9 -- Nomination post
Dec. 16 -- Voting post
Dec. 23 -- Reminder to vote post
Dec. 30 -- Results post

As you can see: THIS IS NOT THE NOMINATION POST. It is a "get your nominations ready, eventually" post. ;P

If you would like to share any questions, suggestions, complaints, musings, manifestos, or heartfelt soliloquies, feel free to leave them here. Thank you for reading and have a pleasant evening!

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