j (jmintmilano) wrote in ontd_political,

Levi Johnston is doing gay porn.......sortof.

We're surprised it's taken this long, but gay porn studio Jet Set Productions is filming Getting Levi's Johnson this weekend. The biggest difference between this and Levi's Playgirl shoot? Well, there will actually be wang.

The role of Levi is played by relative porn new comer Casey (one name, like Liberace), who actually looks quite a bit like Johnston—they're both very pale, have silly tattoos, and have that handsome, vacant stare that makes us weak in the knees. The biggest difference is that Casey has been doing some serious crunches and is not afraid to show his peen to the camera unlike our boy Levi.

Chris Steele, the head honcho over at Jet Set, gave us a description of the movie, "It is a parody and the story follows our character Levi from his Fleshbot award, to his Peanut commercial, to his Vanity Flair photo shoot, flashes back to his days as a hockey player in Alaska and finally to his spread in Play Dude." The movie will be available in February or March. Of course we just feel bad for the real-life Levi: someone is already stealing his gay porn thunder.

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