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Florida Governor Charlie Crist Directs Callers To a Steamy Phone Sex Line.

Charlie Crist Phone Message Directed Callers To Phone Sex Hotline

Florida Governor Charlie Crist mistakenly directed callers to a phone sex line in a recording that played when callers to KidCare, the state's child health care program, were put on hold. The governor explained that script he read for the recording was incorrect and that "there was no malice intent." The recording was in use for at least two months. To get to the sex line, KidCare callers had to dial the number listed by Gov. Crist, then call the phone number listed by that recording.

The Palm Beach Post first reported the the mistake and posted a recording of what callers would hear if they followed the steamy phone tree to the end.

Woman's voice:

"Hey there, sexy guy. Welcome to an exciting new way to go live, one on one, with hot, horny girls waiting right now to talk to you."

Apparently, Crist's mistake isn't that uncommon. The Post found four more instances of government publications in West Palm Beach, San Francisco, Pittsburgh, and Virginia that direct callers to the same number

AOL News reports that the recording has been changed, "Current KidCare callers are greeted by an anonymous, almost robotic voice, which offers sexy guys no help whatsoever."
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