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Wife Tries To Kill Other Woman's Baby

Brooklyn wife Keisha Jones drugs husband's lover to force miscarriage, sends poison as 'breast milk'

Saturday, December 5th 2009, 4:00 AM

Furious her husband got another woman pregnant, a Brooklyn wife hatched a ghastly plot to kill the baby - first with an abortion drug, then with bottled poison, police sources said.

Keisha Jones was in custody Friday night after a month-long investigation uncovered the mom of four's diabolical scheme against Monique Hunter's child, the sources said.

Jones, 38, tricked Hunter, then seven months pregnant, into taking a drug that induces abortions - and she went into premature labor, investigators said.

Once Hunter, 25, gave birth to her son, Jones allegedly tried to finish him off by sending a toxic liquid to the hospital disguised as breast milk.

Thankfully, officials at Kings County Hospital were suspicious of the substance, which arrived inside two 20-ounce Poland Spring bottles, and called cops.

"She's got what she deserved," Hunter fumed Friday night as cops weighed charges against Jones. "She should have thought about it before she did it."

Hunter said she had been dating Jones' husband, Anthony Jones, for three years but didn't know he was married. When Keisha Jones found out Hunter was pregnant, she was enraged, cops say.

On Oct. 26, she called Hunter and fooled her into believing she worked at her doctor's office - using a service that masks a person's phone number and voice, sources said.

She left several messages with Hunter, saying the mom-to-be needed to take a certain medication to ensure her baby didn't have Down syndrome, sources said.

Hunter said she was told she needed to pick up the drugs at a pharmacy near Kings County Hospital, which surprised her because her doctor had never called in prescriptions there.

The prescription was for cytotec, a medicine designed to treat stomach ulcers that is also used to end pregnancies. Cops did not explain how the pharmacy wound up dispensing the medicine.

Hunter unwittingly took the cytotec the following day and immediately went into labor, giving birth to Anthony Jr. at Kings County Hospital.

Six days later, on Nov. 3, Keisha Jones called the hospital and said she was sending breast milk for the baby, sources said.

A man showed up soon after with two containers of a white liquid, arousing the suspicion of hospital workers. Police did not reveal what chemical was in the bottles.

Investigators are trying to determine who the man with the "milk" was. They do not believe Anthony Jones was involved in any way.

Hunter said she found out about the plot only after giving birth. "I didn't know anything about this situation until after I had delivered," she said.

Jones faces reckless endangerment and forged medical prescription charges, both felonies, and a misdemeanor criminal impersonation charge. She is expected to be arraigned today.

Despite the ordeal, Anthony Jr. is in good condition at Kings County Hospital, she said. "The doctors told me he's going to be okay," Hunter added.


Guys, I don't even know. This is crazy.
Also first post! :D
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