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Houston Mayor Run-Off election is set for December 12th!

HRC sent me an email mentioning they have endorsed her.

As you may have heard, HRC has endorsed Annise Parker for Mayor of Houston. She received the most votes on November 3rd, but faces a run-off election next Saturday, December 12th.

As a greatly qualified public servant who has been elected city wide six times as a member of the Council and now Controller, Annise is the right person for the job, and has earned the endorsement of the Houston Chronicle.

But she's also under attack by anti-LGBT forces.

Voters in Houston are seeing hit pieces show up in their mailboxes from bigots such as Dave Wilson -- the man who led the ban on domestic partnership benefits for city employeees. And the Chronicle has reported that the head of Conservative Republicans of Texas, Steven Hotze, who led the so-called "Straight Slate" in the 1980s, is also considering mailers where Annise's sexual orientation would be a key factor.

Annise needs resources to counter these late attacks from zealots like Wilson and Hotze. I hope you will make a contribution at www.anniseparker.com/hrc.

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