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Minneapolis mayor officially running for governor

R.T. Rybak, kicking off his campaign at a Dinkytown theatre, made some hefty promises today regarding health care, school funding, jobs and more.

Ever the energetic showman, Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak picked a Dinkytown theatre to announce his next role: Candidate for governor of Minnesota.

In a Sunday rally and announcement attended by a few hundred longtime fans, Rybak, who just last month cruised to his third term in City Hall, made some hefty promises: he said he’d bring affordable health care to all, fix the school funding system, create jobs all over the state, and reconnect all Minnesotans, ending partisan and geographic divides.

“Let’s go get it done. We’ve got a goal here and it’s not a small one: Our goal is nothing short of taking back this state,” said Rybak.

Rybak will be far from alone in the governor’s race: 11 DFLers and 7 Republicans are campaigning to win the seat Gov. Tim Pawlenty will vacate in 2011.

The Minneapolis mayor has pitched himself as a potential leader of a grassroots campaign, just like the one that got President Barack Obama to the White House.

“I can’t do it all alone but effective leaders don’t have to,” said Rybak, who ardently campaigned for the president last year.

State Republican party staffers Sunday claimed he can’t do it at all. Minnesota has never elected a Minneapolis mayor to the governor’s office and Michael Brodkorb, Republican party deputy chair who showed up at Rybak’s announcement event, said that Rybak’s ill suited to change that streak.

Rybak’s raised taxes, has views on guns that will never fly statewide and represents the “far left wing in the DFL party,” Brodkorb said. He’ll have a “very tough time selling out in greater Minnesota,” he said.


Rybak = Obama, Dayton = Clinton. fall back, old man.

The MN Republicans are already crowing about Rybak's ~macaca moment~ because he complimented a guy with a FUCK COLEMAN shirt. no srsly.
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