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Man Chucks Tomatoes at Sarah Palin

The man misses and hits an officer instead

Published : Monday, 07 Dec 2009, 2:35 PM PST

Maggie Habashy

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. (FOX 9) - A man was arrested for throwing tomatoes at Sarah Palin during her book signing on Monday at the Mall of America.

The man allegedly threw two tomatoes from the second balcony, however did not come close to hitting Palin.

Bloomington Police report that a Bloomington commander was struck in the face with one of the tomatoes and may face charges for assaulting a police officer. The suspect was booked at the Bloomington jail.

More than 1,000 people turned out at the Mall of America Rotunda on Monday for Sarah Palin's "Going Rogue" book signing.

Palin started signing books at noon for those brave enough to wait in a long line that started around 5 a.m.

Those hoping to get their copy of "Going Rogue" signed on Monday must come prepared. According to MOA organizers, you must have a mall-issued wristband, which requires a copy of the book purchased from Barnes and Noble or a Barnes and Noble receipt proving your purchase. "Going Rogue" sold more than 700,000 copies in its first week, outpacing President Barack Obama's 2006 book "The Audacity of Hope," which sold fewer than 100,000 first-week copies and Hilary Clinton's 2003 book "Living History," which sold roughly 600,000 copies. Palin recently passed the 1,000,000 book mark and has sat atop the New York Times bestseller list for two weeks.

The former Republican vice presidential candidate topped a Washington Post poll in November as the top choice among likely Republican voters if their caucus or primary were to take place today.

Following the book signing, Palin is scheduled to appear a private event at a Bloomington, Minnesota hotel hosted by The Freedom Club State PAC. Entry to the invitation-only event costs $5,000 per person or couple.

The invitation says all proceeds will go toward electing Republicans to the Minnesota House.

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