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I C U former congressman!

Ex-Rep Chip Pickering Reportedly Involved In Scuffle With Rival Little League Coach

Former Congressman (and C Streeter) Chip Pickering is reportedly under police investigation for his involvement in a brawl with a rival youth league soccer coach.

Apparently, police were called to Liberty Park in Madison, Mississippi, after Pickering and coach Christopher Hester came to blows when Pickering confronted Hester over the treatment of Pickering's son.

The kicker? Hester claims he was wearing a neck brace at the time of the incident.

You may remember Pickering from his days as a resident of C Street, a D.C. facility that has recently gotten some attention for accommodating beleaguered Christian lawmakers like Sen. John Ensign (R-NV) and Gov. Mark Sanford (R-SC).

For his part, Pickering contributed to the good C Street name when his wife Leisha Pickering filed a lawsuit against his alleged mistress, Elizabeth Creekmore-Byrd, for alienation of affection. The lawsuit alleged that Pickering engaged in "wrongful conduct" with Creekmore-Byrd before and during his stay at the C Street house.

Now, it seems, Pickering has a new scandal to contend with, as he and Hester filed complaints against one another alleging assault. Each could face misdemeanor simple assault charges.

Lawlz, I see Chip is ~keepin it classy now. All he needs is another mistress (preferably somewhere in South America, like Sanford). But I feel bad for his wife because she seems like one of those ~long suffering nice women (a few years ago, I went to some Christmas cookie making class thing that she led to benefit Katrina victims. Her cookies were really, really good).

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