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Explosion in Texas Chemical Plant

Large Explosion At Industrial Plant Near Houston, Texas

A large explosion at an industrial plant sent a cloud of black smoke high into the sky in Seabrook, Texas Wednesday morning, outside of Houston. Nearby residents have been told to stay indoors, and the local school district has instructed its students and personnel to take shelter at nearby schools.

The explosion happened shortly before 9:00am local time, at an American Acryl facility.

The Houston Chronicle reports:

At least two chemical plants are in the vicinity of where the explosion was reported, police said.

Police said that at least one large boom was heard and felt, and that a massive cloud of smoke is spreading above the area.

According to KHOU News in Houston, the plant processes acrylic acid. KHOU.com reports:

"This explosion took place just around the corner from our office. It violently shook our building. Thinking it was a car that had ran into the building, we ran outside to see the 1st plume of smoke from this explosion," viewer Jacob Varisco said in an e-mail.

It was unclear what caused the explosion or if anyone was injured.

I've been through a few explosions and a bomb threat myself, so I know what to do. You block the air from coming in the house. I just wonder how bad it is, if people are hurt, and should we worry about the other plants.

Update: It seems that no one was killed or hurt in the explosion. Which is very rare. I have three chemical plants in my area and the past couple of times an explosion happened, someone always died.

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