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Awww here it goes!


Rules (your comment may be deleted if it doesn't follow these):
1. Post the name of your nominated person in the comment's subject. You can nominate someone who has influenced the world in a positive or negative way, in a subtle or overt way, in a purposeful or unintentional way. Remember, the nominated person must be notable on a national or international scale and nonfictional. And no ONTD_P users. ;)

2. In the comment body, include the name of the person you're nominating again and a reason why


Title: Barack Obama
Body: Barack Obama, because he's changing the way America approaches the world

3. Make sure this person has not been nominated yet and submit!

To second/third/forth a nomination, just comment in response. If you like, you can include your personal reason for supporting this nomination. If a thread gets too long it'll be frozen, please use discretion and don't spam the entry -- if it's obvious there have been sufficient nominations then skip it and move on to the next nominee.

I'm not sure what our threshold for successful nomination will be but I'm setting it at five votes for now.

Good luck, thank you for participating, and happy nominating!

Auto-Tune the News
Michelle Bachelet
Glenn Beck
Joe Biden
Osama bin Laden
Joseph Cao
Bill Clinton
Hillary Clinton
Stephen Colbert
Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva
Rahm Emanuel
Al Franken
Alan Grayson
Lady GaGa
Al Gore
Michael Jackson
Hu Jintao
Kim Jong Il
Hamid Karzai
Ted Kennedy
Paul Krugman
Rachel Maddow
Kenny McAskill
Stanley McChrystal
Greg Mortenson
Rupert Murdoch
Barack Obama
Michelle Obama
Keith Olbermann
Sarah Palin
Nancy Pelosi
Protesters in Iran
Jóhanna Sigurðardóttir
Jay Smooth
Bart Stupak
Olympia Snowe
Sonia Sotomayor
Arlen Specter
Jon Stewart
Orly Taitz
George Tiller
Anthony Weiner
Fareed Zakaria

eta 9:40 CST: I'm not gonna update this post any further, so please be sure to check and make sure your nomination has not already been done.
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