JT (draperyfalls) wrote in ontd_political,

Government TD in foul-mouthed outburst in Dáil

DUBLIN - A Government TD has today launched a foul-mouthed attack on a member of the Opposition during the Dáil debate on the Social Welfare Bill.

Green TD Paul Gogarty admitted that he believes the Bill, which makes cuts in allowances to the blind and carers, is grossly unfair.

He also said the Government should have taken some money off the old age pension, rather than make cuts in the Budget for the blind.

But when Labour's Emmet Stagg accused Mr Gogarty of being insincere, he immediately launched a foul-mouthed attack on the TD.

Gogarty said: "With all due respect, in the most unparliamentarily language.. fuck you, Deputy Stagg! Fuck you!", before immediately withdrawing and apologising for his comments.


the video is gold
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