just another star in the sky (littlestarletta) wrote in ontd_political,
just another star in the sky

Colombia dismantles drug camp near Venezuelan border

Colombia's National Police says it dismantled a camp near the Venezuelan border that was used by drug gang 'Los Rastrojos'.

Nine members of the drug gang, all demobilized members of paramilitary organization AUC, were arrested in the raid.

According to a report by Bogota radio station Santa Fe, the "mother camp" was found in the Norte de Santander department in the north of the country.

A local police commander told the radio station that the authorities had been preparing the raid for three months and had used a spy plane to monitor the area.

Los Rastrojos is one of Colombia's leading drug gangs and an off-spring of the infamous Norte del Valle Cartel. The organization is primarily active in the south-west of Colombia.

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