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Sen. Jim DeMint's War on Gay Rights

Sen. Jim DeMint, darling of the teabagger crowd, has never been a big fan of gay rights. There was his stump speech in 2004 where he suggested that the state of South Carolina should ban openly LGBT teachers from working in public schools, not to mention his tireless support for a federal constitutional ban on same-sex marriage. And now, over the weekend, he talks shop with Albert Hunt at Bloomberg News, and lets the world know that he thinks homosexuality is destructive to society, and that the thought of an openly gay or lesbian president is enough to make him want to vomit.

Congratulations, Sen. Jim DeMint. You've just become the Jesse Helms of this decade. While you might waffle on what color to dye your hair, clearly you've staked out a firm and medieval position on advancing equal rights.
It was a rapid fire blasting of homophobic soundbytes from Sen. DeMint this weekend. First up? Whether homosexuality can ever be moral.

"It would be bothersome to me just personally because I consider it immoral," Sen. DeMint said.

Next up? Same-sex marriage. Funny how one of the favorite politicians of the teabagger crowd doesn't like the idea of big government... except when it comes to rummaging around America's bedrooms to see who people are sleeping with.

"Governments should not be in the business of promoting a behavior that's proven to be destructive to our society," Sen. DeMint said.
Come on, Sen. DeMint. Certainly you've got more homophobia bubbling inside of you, just waiting to come out? Why, these statements are barely a double. Surely you've got a homerun in you somewhere? Quick, tell us what you think about the idea of an openly gay politician being President?

"It would be bothersome to me just personally because I consider it immoral," said Sen. DeMint. And the teabagger crowd goes wild.
Seriously, if this man is the future of the Republican Party, Democrats are going to lead this country longer than FDR did. And while teabaggers might be rushing to get Sen. DeMint's support now -- see, for instance, Senate candidate Michael Williams in Texas or Senate candidate Marco Rubio in Florida -- they better be ready to explain why they're so enamored with a man who vomits at the thought of a gay president, or a man who thinks that public schools should ban lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender teachers.

The Republican Party as a big tent? Certainly not under Sen. DeMint's watch. Here's a man who wants nothing short of a war when it comes to the issue of LGBT equality.

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